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June 22,2019
So today is Saturday, June 22,2019, and is a beautiful day.  The last week was interesting. First, this is my first post in a long while.  I figured it’s time to get back into blogging. So let me.start by saying Congratulations to all 2019 graduates. Enjoy your summer because here comes the hard part.  For the first of many times, in addition to the first of many times, you will experience life as an adult.  For some,  it is just a continuation of growing up and for others it is the first indication that Mommy and Daddy won’t always be there, and now is when those decisions we make count. For some they travel to a different state, country, and others stay at home. Some work and go to school, while others just go to school.  Some raise children, work and attend school.  But from now on what you get is life, death and taxes. 

So personally, I have had a week.  I had my first mammogram this past Monday.  I always thought you had to be big busted, yes ladies, to get a mammogram, because small busted woman like myself don’t have enough to worry.  The woman who did my test stated that the breast size had nothing to do with the test, but the tissue did.  The denser the tissue the harder to detect cancer.  Well, it was slightly uncomfortable the test but, over shortly. She took several pictures and told me, “If you need to come back for a second appointment, we will contact you.”. I received a letter that stated no cancer detected in my tissue.  This was considered my baseline test from which all other mammograms will be based on. 

I have lost two aunts to cancer, and several other family members as well.  I believe it is important to be tested and to handle the matter in house with your family.  You all at some point will be called upon to say goodbye to that family member and no matter what your relationship might be,  that same goodbye will not be easy.  Take some time, get tested, and grow your knowledge. 

Second, I am starting a budget.  For those in the know🐌: how you ask? I don’t have a steady paycheck, but have been reading and found out it is doable.  So today, I make up my budget. Expenses currently are not many, but they include a credit card bill.  My source of income has to be sent in for me to receive it meaning I send in my article.  And wallah beginning of my budget. Included in said budget is also what I want to save for.  I believe I can do it. 

Summer is here. What do you plan to do? Travel, gain new family members, or just expand your horizons? Whatever it is, drop me a line. If you send an email, I will respond. For this time, I have a request: send in your graduation 🎓story. It can be current or old. I will pick three stories to print as is.  Please check your writing before you send, thanks. 
For those in the know🐌 is.BACK! 

Book Review of Daddy’s Playhouse by B. Moore

Title: Daddy’s Playhouse
Author: B. Moore
Publish Date: July 14, 2015
Buy Link:
Rating: 4 Stars
Book Blurb: ” I murdered my … daddy hoe” She admitted her fault easily, preying on my vulnerability. “Self-defense is my middle fuckin name. I do not have a problem with killin a mutha fucka who think they gon come try me.”
Review by Nicole:
I wasn’t that happy at the ending because I got left hanging. Hence you know I would like to read more of the book. It appears to be a series as this is Book 1. I highly recommend it ladies. You and your gents can read and enjoy. Let me tell you why.

So it is a story about four women who dance for a local strip joint in Georgia. Each has a life of their own outside of the club. They are as follows:
Star: she was studying for a degree in medicine. Star was also getting stalked by a man she slept with named Keenan. So one day when he went to her house on a desire to find her, she called her brother and his friend Rari, both bouncers at the club to help her out. They roughed up Keenan and then Rari and Star started a relationship. Some people weren’t happy with it but she was.

Delicious: She was a “victim of circumstances” Raped by her Daddy who had sex with her until she murdered him; she then became a prostitute for Nyce. (A name you will see I believe in more than one story.) She went to Daddy’s Playhouse because it was the number one joint in the state and as she put it: “[She] refused to let the daddies play without [her].” A character to definitely watch in future stories.

Ms. Lady: She was Don’s girl friend until Delicious. Don is the owner of Daddy’s Playhouse and I guess in the future you may call him Daddy himself. We shall have to watch and see. Ms. Lady was the Queen Bee. She wanted to dance and Don wanted her to stay home. So, she got replaced. Now I think of her as a psycho bitch. When she got raped by a man who roofied her that they all know the man paid dearly. And Ms. Lady decided to get it together.

Jaguar: She was a totally different kettle of fish for me. Jaguar is the married mother of three who has her own businesses that she owns and runs as well as a successful husband who also makes big money. Sadly she loses her young son in a motor vehicle accident. So she has to regroup and gain an understanding of why her baby had to die.

Baby: She is 18, Baby. She started to dance after she met Nyce, the pimp. Remember that name? Her story is about searching for who she is and what she wants out of life for herself. Maybe it is Nyce?

As you see from the mini-summary on each of the characters except for Don the story lines are all about women that have had trouble in their lives. Their only connection is Daddy’s Playhouse. All have two desires in common. One is to dance and make money while the other is to better their own respective situation.
In this first book you get the beginning of their stories which is listed in the summaries above. I would sit back and enjoy the next installment of Daddy’s Playhouse as it will continue to develop each of their stories and also introduce more about Don the owner of Daddy’s Playhouse.

Enjoy the read.

Disclosure: According to law I am informing you that I didn’t receive any compensation for this review but I did receive a copy of the book from the author.

Title: American Outrage

american-outrageAuthor: Tim Green

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publish Date:  April 25 2007

Buy Link:

Review by Ivory Moseley


I thought American Outrage was a good book. Very good pacing and a very easy read. This was my first encounter reading something written by Tim Green

The title of the book is also the name of the TV show that the main character, Jake Carlson is the host and star of. It is a take of the show “A Current Affair” which started in 1996 which Maury Povich hosted and where he 1st got his fame, to 2005 which was hosted by our author Tim Green.

The story is about Jake Carlson and his son Sam who Jake and his late wife adopted. What begins as a search to find out Sam’s real parents and his birthplace, turns into a story of intrigue, murder, chase and even some involvement with some Albanian gangsters.

Tim Green did a very good job with the main character Jake Carlson, He’s tough, a little bit of an ego but really down to earth despite being a popular TV journalist. As you read the story, you will find that Jake is also very clever and resourceful as his son Sam and himself are being pursued by various people of interest.

Also surprising to me in the story was how Sam was even more clever and smarter than his dad Jake. Sam is only 16 and has ways like a teenager but he’s a little wiser than most teens.

I also like the inclusion of a wealthy family (in the story called the Van Buren family) into the mix and as you read, has a much bigger part in the story than you realize.

Rating this book from one to five stars, I give it a 3 ½ to 4 stars. My criticisms are that I would have like to have had more insight on Jake Carlson (i.e. how he got into the TV business, etc.). Just some brief info would have sufficed.

Also I would have like to have had Jake and his good friend Judy linked romantically. It would have been a nice addition to the end of story.

Overall, Tim Green did a good job with this book and I recommend it as a nice weekend read.


I received this book by purchase and writing this review. I will receive no compensation for this review.

Book Review Time!

Title: The Most Dangerous Thing

Author: Laura Lippman

Publisher: Morrow

Publish Date:  8/18/2011

Buy Link:

Book Blurb “We were the most dangerous things in the woods”

Review by Ivory Moseley

I found this book to be very well written and the author Laura Lippman has very good ability to grasp the reader into the mystery.

The book begins with a car accident and death of Gordon “Go Go” Halloran, which begins the circle back to events that involved Go Go, his older brothers Tim and Sean, and two neighborhood girls Gwen & Mickey.

In the middle of a hurricane in 1979, in an old shack in park, a tragic incident pulls apart the five childhood friends and all of them carry a dark secret.

Laura Lippman expertly guides the reader from the past from viewpoints of all 5 involved, to the somewhat resolving end of the story. You get a really good look on how different each family life is for the 3 Halloran brothers, Gwen Robinson, & Mickey.

She also writes a very good view of the trials and tribulations of each of the characters’ lives as adults. Marriage problems, alcoholism, taking care of an aging parent, gay children, etc., things that we call all relate to.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

To sum up, this was a very good novel. Laura Lippman’s writing is superb and she really shines.


I received this book by purchase and writing this review. I will receive no compensation for this review.


Hey  readers of my blog.  I hope you like the revamped look and are about to enjoy the new topic.  All book reviews and everything to do with books.  Nothing but tours, book releases, interviews along with the other new page which is also about the life of a 40 something year old woman who is living her life.  So in keeping with that I am letting you know that:








Ivory-Blog Bio

My name is Ivory Moseley. I was born in 1967 from two people who migrated from the south to the north to make it in life, Emerson Moseley & Geneva Pyles.
Reading has always been a big part of my life as my parents loved to read and encouraged their children to read. Our home always had books from the set of Funk & Wagnall’s encyclopedias to old school books that my siblings had obtained and to books purchased at garage sales or the annual book sale at the local library.
Getting my 1st library card felt like an honor, seeing my name on something that would allow me to further my reading journeys. The book fairs at school was also fun, saving my allowance to be able to walk into the traveling book van and purchase a book I like.
My favorite genres of reading are mysteries, biographies and novels in general. My reading also expands to comic books and daily comic strips.
I am honored to be chosen to do book reviews for this blog and I will do my best to give my honest insight on the books that I will be reading.




Hi bloggers and readers !  Guess what?  Coming back to post is your favorite blogger. I hope you have had an enjoyable time this year because summer is coming up and I thought what a great time to start a book review blog. In the beginning it will be slow and touch and go but hopefully it will be the greatest review you have ever read!  Cool Beans huh?!!

So  a little housekeeping rules here.  The reviews will be our honest opinion and if we feel we can’t give an honest review we will let you know.  If for any reason there is any money or other compensation given we will let you know via our declaration at the end of the review.

Please be advised we will not be reviewing any lgbt novels; pornography, erotica (unless written by the author(s) of the blog); and science fiction (unless chosen by the reviewer in question).

The two reviewers will be myself, Nicole Harmon and my friend Ivory Moseley.

Look to see Ivory Moseley’s biography to be seen soon.

Looking forward to seeing you all over the coming months. We welcome questions and suggestions. From time to time you will see virtual book tours with giveaways and the like. Please participate and enjoy!

FOR THOSE IN THE KNOW: Reading increases your knowledge of yourself and the world around you as well as increases your fantasy.

Until next time!