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Hey ladies- I thought I would start a new blog and make it about women who were in my age group. This is not to negate the older or younger crowd. Far from it. It would include articles aimed at the 40 and over crowd but we like to hear from our sisters no matter what the age. So I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope you feel encouraged to speak your mind.





May 5, 2016

So its 3:45 a.m., and I am trying to figure out my blog.  I was attempting to make it better and more appealing to gain readership. My cellular phone blacked out.  And now I have to think of topics for this blog  Not really sure what I want to write. But I want to make this blog interactive with those who read it. I want to write stories that you are interested in.  For example at 40 what do we worry about?  Well work and families if we are married. Getting married if we are engaged and dating if we are dating. If we are virgins or if we are experienced. If we are coming out as lesbians for the first time. If we don’t have a major epiphany because of a mid-life crisis then we are thinking about retiring in 20 years and what have we to show for it. But I think we all need to have that conversation.

I have a killer black dress with the back out. I show you a picture. I would love to wear this dress to another restaurant  or a night out with a man who I am interested in as a date or a forever kind of man.  You know the forever kind of man- the one you marry.  Anyway- oh God the stories I could share but I won’t. Suffice to say that I wish that the truth was that I was …… my counsel.

Back to what we think about at 40.  You know what I had to worry about?  Being sick in the hospital and how I was going to pay for it if my insurance fell through.  Which after some of the billing issues I have had I do wonder.   Some are thinking retirement. Some are thinking I have a baby do I want to be a stay at home Mom until my child is 5 years old and then when they go to school then I go to work. For me it was an issue of health again.  Do I want a hysterectomy? I would like to have a child before a hysterectomy. To that endeavor my gynecologist is helping me out.  I can maintain a healthier uterus despite say an issue like fibroids or excessive bleeding and as long as my ovaries maintain I can ovulate and bring forth a cute (ugly) little baby.  I am honest, some chillin’s is ugly.  So that end I have some rules for this little page on this blog.

You can post stories, excerpts,  questions, requests as long as they aren’t defamatory, slanderous, fraudulent, and/or illegal. You may ask questions, request certain issues be discussed as long as they are LADIES – for the 40 and over crowd.

So its 4:57 am and I am still up.  Still haven’t read my novel. Still wide awake and having back pain.  I am going to try to not complain today. I didn’t complain much yesterday but must have done enough cuz I am having a day today.

So  I am going to cry and I am going to feel sorry for myself. But I am going to admit to you that it is always my mouth that gets me in trouble. I am hoping for a good 42nd birthday this year. And to be a healthier looking woman. And I hope to get a very good man for me. And I am not dating someone that I am not intersted in and further I don’t want to be married to a man that I am not interested in. But what if I am unsure? What if I don’t know?  Do I take that chance? I really say I do. But they may not want too and that has been my experience.

What the hell am I going to do today?  I missed my writers group again yesterday. From now on I make it a point to get there.  Besides other writers will help me out hopefully and I can help them out with a place to write, good conversation and the like. Maybe a date when I don’t have one. You never know.




May 7, 2016

I finally did it- my friends are no longer my friends. They have finally kicked me out of their lives. At the time I thought I would be upset but I wasn’t. It wasn’t a blip on my radar. I was in my late 20’s going into my 30’s. Now in my 40’s I find myself wishing I kept in touch with some-the older crowd. Very few my age. And they were married or involved instead of saying to them Get the fuck out I no longer want to be your friend. So now in my 40’s I want to find friends that are true friends. But having not worked a steady job and have money has made it difficult. I have to watch it at home.

So today I am sad because I will never accomplish what I want to accomplish in life. I have seen what not taking my vitamins can do to my body. I will not make a big deal out of it and yes I will make a big deal out of it. I will never be healthy like some people. I will never not worry about passing out or something like that. I guess I should not worry about being married and all of that but I will. I will worry.

I am looking for a man that will love me despite all of my faults. And like me for my soon to be 42 years of age. But I know that some people don’t really want to date or even be married to certain people I hear that ALL THE TIME.

I guess because I am feeling sorry for myself I decided to post this.  But its because I want to talk.



Hey fellow bloggers and readers.  I am hoping that you are getting ready for your summer.


Today is Tuesday and its I might have a job Tuesday.  But no response yet from  Shall see. For $50.00 I might be writing 1000 word entries for an overseas blog run by an Indian.  So not so bad huh? Finally set up my portfolio in two websites and a about to do two more.  And I am good to go.

So today’s topic is: Orlando Shooting at a Gay club.  Apparently as I am reading the stories on this he also was a frequent guest at the club that he was shooting at which I think has some people calling him a down low homosexual.  Because he was also married to one wife with a 3 year old son and also had an ex-wife. But that doesn’t mean a thing as most people have seen now you can get married to who you want to and still be a straight or gay person. Not that I am negating marriage I am not but what I am saying is that you can be married to a woman and still be a gay man.


It is Friday!  TGIF!  What am I doing today? Well the topic of conversation today  June 17 is:

Writing and freelancing.  As a 41 year old who has been trying to freelance for the last couple of years to help supplement myself while working and not working; it has been very hard. Each time it looks like I am getting anywhere, bad stuff happens to me. Bad mouth and in this business your word is your bind. And bad word of mouth is the death knell.   If your name gets thrown around people may not want to work with you. If they give you a look and then decide that you aren’t who they wanted sometimes they may badmouth your blog. Your appearance, your word and your delivery make or break you as a freelancer.

I don’t want to jinx what is happening now so I am talking about how to tell a genuine freelance offer as oppose to a fake one.  I have had the opportunity recently to experience what I feel was a fake freelance offer. The guy whose name I shall not mention offered a job for data entry at 400 to 500 dollars a week.  So I have a chance to open the website given in the email and the link isn’t even there. To top it off he has cancelled his account and you have no way of talking with him.  Wrong type of freelance offer.

The second is a more promising offer.  And it looks legitimate. I have my doubts because I had to go outside the website to do it but I have talked to her and she seems very nice.  She said that she could still do it and that she would email me. So here is my question to the other freelancers out there:

  1.  If the account got blocked or the advertisement got deleted by the website- what would you do considering you bid for it?  Would you think as I did that there was a problem. I can’t find her profile.  But the other profile I found it was deleted.  And so I used her skype address to talk with her. And she is still willing to do it and pay  via paypal. Her address is a foreign address. My problem is that I don’t want to  get caught up in false adverts and fake offers of freelance employment that are also illegal. So I decided to try her out and I am waiting for her to send me something.  But in my head I hear- it isn’t a real offer. It is a fake offer.  You are about to be embarassed. I don’t want to work with you.  Yet if a genuine offer of employment to get paid per article and every week- depending on the amount of the articles then I can definitely use the money.  I am currently not working right now.   This is so many people’s story.  I start work today at some point in the day.  It sucks because I have to wait for my assignment. Again so many people’s story. So  for those who are starting out we need to find reputable places; with a good line of freelance employers and reasonable fees.   Now if you find a freelance employer request has been deleted you immediately think it isn’t a legitimate offer or they did something not right.  On the off chance it was because they hadn’t picked someone I decided to try and contact them.  And may have lucked out with one. Shall see.
  2. What about the fees charged by the websites for you to place your bid?  Do you have to pay those?  You have to pay the fees but you are in luck because some sites like will include the fee within your total fee for the project and take out only the fee for their use of the website. doesn’t charge any fees either until I believe you switch your membership.  Because you put the money in escrow to use for bidding.  You can’t get out of paying those fees. The website is providing a service that you yourself use.
  3. How do I make a good portfolio? OMG.  This is paramount. But what you should include in your portfolio is your actual resume. I didn’t know this until recently. You would think I would know this but  I didn’t.  So not only do I have samples of my writing from my blog entries, to my book reviews, to my magazine articles and a link to my book but I now have my resume.  But you don’t I believe need to have them sent out for every job.  I actually just sent out my resume for some data entry positions. But you probably should send them out with all the other work that you have done as well.  I am currently working on something that is just for my writing.
  4. Your Profile Picture: It should be professional and show you. I don’t have an up to date picture and I plan to take one this summer. It is from a couple of years ago. Maybe two to three years old.  I look a little different now. It is funny though I think it is still one of my better pictures though.  Have a presentable professional head shot done. Spend the money if you can otherwise, go to a nice place that can do the picture for you at a reasonable price.

I wish I had more to tell you about it but that is it so far.  For those women who are over 40 years of age and also are freelancers If you could send an email with your story to along with a photo if you want people to know what you look like. What I would like is for you to help me write this blog.  I would like to showcase your story here.  I am happy to post your story on here and give you some publicity.  I am running this request for about a month. So from today  June 17, 2016 to July 17, 2016.  I just ask you to make sure that it is grammatically correct and that it has no spelling errors.




These pictures make a freelancer woman. Celebrate yourself!

June 10, 2017

Hey Women Over 40- How is your life been?  Been a while since my last post. I know you are like what has been happening…well for me it is a lot of personal stuff which I won’t delineate for you but may touch upon in future posts.

So my morning question today is:  Are Woman of Color an appropriate term to use for discussing minorities particularly black women?  We have gone from the N-word (NIGGER), to Colored, to Mulatto, to Black, Afro-American, African-American, to American to a Person of Color.  Which is the appropriate term?

More and more as society becomes conscious of what words can actually do and what those words cause.  The conversation about race is one that will continue until society ends. But it doesn’t have to be one that is ignorant.

The next time someone wants to have a conversation with you about race, you may want to first tell them that we should acknowledgement that people of color especially woman have given great contributions to society.  Some helped Nasa. Some helped create vaccines. Some were nurses. Some opened companies.   But all were given no acknowledgement until later on in life or posthumously.  So read up on women and their contributions.  And on their lives. Learn about the women in your lives.  Then teach your little ones as well.

Thought for the day:  Don’t be a Diva. Be an Angel with devils horns supporting your halo.