Book Review: Elysian Dreams “Where the Past Meets the Present” by BJ Neblett

Elysian Dreams Book Cover Book Title: Elysian Dreams “Where the Past Meets the Present”

Author: BJ Neblett

Publisher: Brighton Publishing

Buy Link:

Rating: 4 1/2 stars


Long time we been here some of us. One hundred years old and the stories they tell are of years past and present. This book is the same. Do you remember:

Stutz Blackhawk (car)
Louis Meyer taking the flag at the Indy
Gene Tunney KO’s Henry in the 12th
Billy Maharg fixing the World Series in ’19. (found in various pages in the book)

This book takes you through snippets of life history. He talks of memories about a car to the World Series. He speaks of a ladies life based on journal entries. He speaks of abortions and trips to Mars with a colony where its hard to have children.

It is an interesting read. Well written and entertaining. Although a bit slow for me at times, it maintained my interest because of the historical connections he used plus my interest sparked by what I had read.

I recommend this novel as a good winter read when your stuck in the house snowbound.

Please be advised that I recieved payment for doing this book review from the author.

A Book Review of Ice Cream Camelot by BJ Neblett

Book Blurb:  Asking a girl for help to saying you like her. Being saved by a girl, …twice in three days is like being kissed by her in the middle of the school yard at lunch time. P 59

Publisher:  Brighton Publishing

Buy Link:   Due out in Spring 2013

Rating:  4 ½ stars 


I liked this story very much.  However, I couldn’t give it 5 stars because I got caught in what I call the drag session.  After a while I started to drag reading the story.  Meaning that I had found something else more interesting than this story.  But overall I loved it.

I am a history major and I love to read historical information in stories.  It gives it for me a grounding of where the author is in the novel.  This was set in the turbulent time of the 1960’s when he grew up.  The author BJ Neblett talks of his growing up and going to catholic school and his friends.  He also talks of his friends-one in particular by the name of Amy with whom he felt an understanding that no one else seemed to take the time out to do.

Particularly my favorite part of this story is:

 Parents have a method of tormenting their children. It’s surprising how annoying a few seemingly in-nocuous questions can be to the adolescent. This need to question is carried and passed down in the genes. The question gene lies dormant until the individual becomes a parent. Then it becomes active and turns cancerous to the unsuspecting offspring. This is why you never hear a single aunt or a favorite bachelor uncle asking,“What did you do today?” or, “Who’s your new friend?” or even, “Where have you been?” These questions, harmless enough on the surface, have the same effect as tugging the ears of a sleeping pit bull. And they carry with them automatic, natural responses which include inarticulate shrugs and groans followed by words sounding like: “Stuff,” and “Guys,” and “Things,” and “Around.” P 61

I like this because as a daughter or a son any of us can relate to that feeling.  Why are you asking- what is it that you want to know- where are all the questions coming from and the only response that you can think of in response is I had things to do Mom.  So relate to it.

             I like the use of real time pictures of the actual political events going on at the time as well as the pictures of the author and his family.  You learn that he is the product of an actress who was a working actress.  You learn that his friends considered themselves a gang.  You learned that he had an interest in the radio and as some do skipped school to feed that interest while netting an internship there or job later on. At the end of the novel you learn about his family and how their lives turned out- a little bit about where his is at, and get a glimpse of life for him. 

             Overall I liked the book and I do hope that I whetted your appetite with this book review and that you would like to purchase this novel and read it.

 Notice according to inform rule:  I did receive compensation for reviewing this novel and am informing you of this.  As soon as the publishing information is made available I will let you know.  It is due to come out in 2013.

The Next Big Thing

Hey guys and gals. I had gotten a request from a fellow blogger and author, Robin Waldrop whose blog is:  to participate in the blog hop called The Next Big Thing. I post the answers to the questions below and then invite others to do the same thing. So here it goes. My invites will be below.

Ten Interview Questions for the Next Big Thing:

1-What is your working title of your book? Dreaming: A Mystery
2-Where did the idea come from for the book? I had a desire to write a mystery where the main character didn’t die and I like music and was very into it at the time so I decided to write about a music group.
3-What genre does your book fall under? Cozy Mystery
4-Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? I have to think about that one. I think it’s too early for that lol. But if it happens I will be sure to let you all know.
5-What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? Dreaming’s new c.d. was stolen by Abdul who was an old member of the group looking to reignite his career and who wanted to not get caught by the ex band members.
6-Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? I would like an agency representation for my novel but if not, I am okay with self publishing.
7-How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? I am still on the first draft. I stopped to start a blog, write a book of poetry, start another story which I am almost done, and start writing book reviews and freelance articles. So I am hoping that once the other story is completed that I can finish this book.
8-What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? I like Michael Connolly’s books and Janet Evanovich. But truth is I am not sure that it fits under either one. They are the closest I can think of outside of Sibel Hodge and I just read two of her novels.
9-Who or what inspired you to write this book? I had wanted to change my career and direction towards a more self employed bent so I started to write and read. Also I love the character Darwin- and I think she is a helluva paralegal and investigator who turned a bad situation into a good situation.
10-What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? Abdul really thinks he got away with it, despite Darwin ‘s giving him clues he hasn’t.

I sent out a request to;; and Karina Fabian.  In an email Karina Fabian had to decline because she has already been requested to do it.  I tried to get Robin Renee Ray but was unable to-sorry about that guys.  Hopefully though it will be a good adventure. 

Interview Corner: Teresa Morrow

 Hi Fellow Readers.  I am hosting today on her virtual book tour Teresa Morrow.  Please give her a warm welcome on Teresa’s Simplicity in Words. First off, she will speak in her own words in an interview and then it will be followed by a book review of her novel.

What is your full name?  Teresa Annlouise Morrow

How long have you been writing? On and off for years. But my declaration
of being a writer has been within the last year.

When did you first decide that you wanted to be a writer. I have wanted to
be a writer for many years–since high school but didn’t follow my true
life purpose until about a year ago.

Do you have to do any research for your novels other than re-examine your
life as you know it particularly for this book?  I didn’t do any research
for Life Lessons from the Heart (my 1st nonfiction book) or my 1st novel,
It All Comes Back to Love, coming out in late 2012/early 2013 as it is
inspired by true events. My next novel (tentatively titled The world is
yours Oyster)I have had to be a bit of research on because it is about
foster care.

4.  When you write your stories do you follow a timeline, an outline or
do you free write?   When I started I just wrote freestyle but I recently
read  in “The Constant Art of Writing” a possible way of outlining and
editing that once I began to use it, it works for me.
And which method do you choose to use or do use regularly? I started not
doing an outline but I have had to go back with “It All Comes Back to
Love” and do an outline and many rewrites as it helped me develop the
story line better. Moving forward to my 2nd novel, “The World is Yours
Oyster” I will be doing an outline from the start.

5.  Multipart Question:  Who are some of your
favorite authors?
And why? Louise Hay, Gary Zukav – love how they write where I felt they are
talking straight to me. Janet Evanovich – when I read her she makes me
laugh. I love the subtle humor in her books. Ed McBain  – wonderful scenes
and makes me get invested/involved as the reader.

Do any of the authors that you have chosen have similar
circumstances to you?  I don’t believe so. I would say the closest may be
Louise Hay as a women trying to help others by inspiring them to be the
best they can be.

6.  When you read their novels, do you find yourself reading as
an author or as a consumer?  Mostly a consumer/reader. But I will say, that
since I have dived into my writing journey, I have found I find little
tips to make my writing better.

7.   Multiple question in one:  What do you think of the
current market for publishing?  I think it brings the opportunity to more
writers to get their work out to the world.
I have talked to and read a lot of authors are doing
self publishing as much if not more than going to publishing houses.  A
lot of the persons I have seen that are new are going to self publishing
because they can get published with little or no cost.  The cost of basic
copyright is a little much as well.  So do you think that is because it is
hard to get someone to read your novel?  I think authors are looking to go
the route of self publishing because they can have more control of their
work. Self publishing allows the author to have their work out quicker.
With the on slot of social media, authors are their own best publicist to
get the word out about their book. And with the realm of self publishing
houses such as Lightning Source and Create Space the distribution is fair
to that of a publishing house.

8.  Follow up:  Is this your first virtual book tour and how do you like it?
It is my first virtual book tour as an author. However, I have been the
manager of many a virtual book tour as I used to do this work for authors
before I decided to devote more time to my own writing. 


Book Review of Life Lessons of the Heart by Teresa Morrow

Book Blurb:  taken from the poem Outside the Box-“ Never felt like I belong,  in the box, there I was four sides, a bottom and a top, confined and hidden,  I began to wonder , what was outside the box like?”

Buy Link:

Rating:  5 Bookmarks


Review by Nicole:

I absolutely loved this book, but you are talking to someone who likes self help, self discovery, self understanding, how to novels, inspirational novels and novels that show a great big obstacle overcome. So it just goes to show that I would like this novel.  So as I summarize I will discuss because I think that works best with novels such as these.  She has a total of twelve chapters for 48 pages, yes a short novel, but packs a wallop.  So as you are listening ladies loves and gentlemen wanderers as I bring to you my book review.

The set up of the novel is the chapter title, a quote from her, the interior chapter and a poem written by her.  Twelve chapters in all.  I just want to discuss the book in general first.  She is a mother of a daughter, who married a man not liked by her father, that showed her what family was like.  The two lived together with her daughter and she saw him through his biggest fight yet.   It reads like any inspirational novel that wishes to share with you a little knowledge of what she has dealt with in her life.  I am just going to pull out a couple of chapters to go over with you but you my friends have to read the book.

In Chapter 3 called Lesson:  Release Control her quote is:  “You may not always be in control of what happens next, but you can control how you take each moment of your life.” ~ Teresa Morrow.  This I think is a very important part of her story because it shows how she learned to take the obstacles that life through at her such as being divorced at 27, and then living alone with a toddler to raise. She could have just chucked it all in but she didn’t.  She survived and met a man that she fell in love with and later married despite the race barrier.

In Chapter 5 Lesson:  Help is Not a Bad Word her quote is: Help is not a bad four letter word. By asking & accepting help, you allow yourself to become renewed, reenergized and refreshed.”~ Teresa Morrow.  She talks to you of how she allowed herself to accept help from others and to also ask for help as well.  Think of it as a therapeutic endeavor to help you through a tough time.  Therapy is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is a good thing if you can utilize it wisely and learn from it.

In Chapter 8 Lesson: Get Past Your Past her quote is:  “When you hold onto and claim the mistakes or experiences of your past, you allow it to affect your present and your future.” ~ Teresa Morrow This is exactly what your therapist might tell you when you go see him or her. This is most definitely what your girlfriends will tell you about your past relationships with men.  But what makes her chapter a stand out chapter is that she shows that her past didn’t dictate her future.

All in all I think it was an excellent book.  I have written about having my own AHA! moment when I had gone through  a tough time after September 11, 2001, after having lost my job and after having a tough time with realizing where I should be or should have been in a friendship, romantic relationship and family relationship.  She has also gone through the same things that I have. For me to read this and to see how far she has come, it is a good thing.  Now for those who are saying it’s just like any other inspirational novel you can pick up at the library or the store.  Yes, you could say that but you could read it and see the differences. She lets you into her life but not like a television show, but like a trip through the looking glass so you can visualize it yourself.   I did have some problems with it but those were mostly because I wish it was a little more detailed.

I really believe that you will enjoy it.

I received this book directly from the author and did not pay any money nor expect to receive any money from the writing of this book review.  You can see it on the blog and also on, as well.

Interview Corner: Robin P. Waldrop

Hi Fellow Readers.  I am hopeful you will like this installation on the Virtual Book  Tour week on Teresa’s Simplicity in Words.  It is my pleasure to introduce to you Robin P. Waldrop, author of young adult novels. In this her second book for the Blood Moon Series, she has graciously agreed to make me a stop on her blog tour.  I will let her own voice speak for her and then I will give you a book review for her two books that she has written to date.

My day of the tour:  Interview and Book Review


1. What is your full name. How long have you been writing?

My full name is Robin Lee Waldrop, but I use my maiden name initial for my writing. The “P” stands for Pelosi. I have only seriously been writing for a couple of years.

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to be a writer.

I always loved to write. Even as a child I wrote short stories. It wasn’t until two years ago I made the decision to write, and that only came after attempting to read the worst novel ever written.

3. Do you have to do any research for your novels? 

I think every writer has to do research. The amount of research needed depends on the subject. Since I write fiction, I don’t have to do as much research as someone writing a non-fiction novel.

4. When you write your stories do you follow like a timeline, an outline or do you free write? And which method do you choose to use or do use regularly?

I am a “write by the seat of my pants” writer. Honestly, all I do is come up with a story and characters, then I start writing. Only my characters know where the story will end up. and they usually don’t tell me until the last minute.

5. Who are some of your favorite authors? And why?

One of my favorite authors is John Grisham. I went through some tough times several years ago and stopped reading. It wasn’t until a friend gave me The Firm that my love of reading became renewed. My other all time favorite is Stephen King. I get him. you know, I’ve heard so many people say his writing and his movies are weird. Yeah, they are, but I love them. I especially love his movie The Sleepwalkers. My favorite book by him is a collection of short stories called Nightshift.

6. When you read their novels, do you find yourself reading as an author or as a consumer?

Back then, as a consumer. Now, as an author. I can’t read anything without dissecting it. Terrible, I know, but I can’t help it.

7. Multiple question in one: What do you think of the current market for publishing? I have talked to and read a lot of authors are doing self publishing as much if not more than going to publishing houses. A lot of the persons I have seen that are new are going to self publishing because they can get published with little or no cost. The cost of basic copyright is a little much as well. So do you think that is because it is hard to get someone to read your novel?

I honestly think it is a little bit of all of the above. With some authors, it is because they can write and publish whatever they want, but with others, even successful traditional authors like being in charge of their work, down to making the decision of which book cover to use. The internet world has opened up doors to many who would have never seen their work for sale otherwise. And because of the self publishing option, I think it has forced agents and publishers to take a step back and reevaluate their process just a bit.

8. Follow up: Is this your first virtual book tour and how do you like it?

No. This is actually my second tour. My first was with my first novel of this series, Ties To The Blood Moon. Bloggers are some of the nicest, selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They have opened doors for me that would have otherwise remain locked. It’s mostly because of their tireless efforts I am doing so well with my novels. And the thing I find the most humbling is they do all this for no money. They spend countless hours reading and writing reviews. Making sure to spread the word about authors such as myself. I really think I am in love with all of them. I know they have changed my life for the better.

Virtual Book Tour of Robin P. Waldrop’s Shadow of the Blood Moon

Before I could read the Book Two in this series of the Blood Moon I had to read Book One which was called Ties to the Blood Moon. This introduces the characters of the story, Genevieve, Luna, William, Joseph, Joshua and James (twins), along with Aunt Bev, the Almaric, Gen’s mother and Zane.  These characters are werewolves and vampires.  They live in a part of the country where they are free to run and live their lives.  But the story started a long time ago when Genevieve lost her mother in a house fire.  Outside the house sat a wolf appearing as if he wanted to go inside the house.  The wolf scared her so she ran as far away as she could and her mother died.  She never forgave herself for that.  Now Gen as she is called lives with her Aunt Bev.  But she isn’t entirely happy there.  Starting a new school she meets her new set of friends, William, Luna and Joseph (twins),  Joshua and James (twins); she begins to learn about her heritage.  They set out on a quest to find Zane, the one creature who can destroy their way of life.  Along the way a man known as The Almaric help them out.  It turns out that Genevieve is the Adlet wolf princess and is one of the more powerful of her kind.  But she isn’t strong enough to defeat Zane and win.  But she has another purpose besides saving where she lives in searching out Zane.  Someone came to her in a dream or a vision and told her that her mother was still alive and that Zane has her.  Only she can save her mother and her people.

Apparently Zane kidnaps her Aunt Bev in an effort to draw her out into the open.  Although the group agrees to help her out, the twins, James and Joshua, Luna’s brothers, get kidnapped by the very sect of wolves they appear to be going after led by Zane.   This causes a problem between Luna and Genevieve.   There is some possibility that William knows Zane and that they are working together. Aunt Bev and Zane were involved somehow throughout this whole time as a couple.  He lied to her saying he was in love and would show her the world.  But if he does, he loses the throne.  While all of this is happening, Gen’s mother is apparently still alive kept behind a locked door. When Gen goes to save her mom she is stabbed by the one with her but survives.  And the man who stabbed her was Luna and the twins grandfather because she can’t kill Zane.  They would kill her and leave the wolves without a leader.  Only can she kill him with permission.  And that is how the story ends.  With her asking William to go with her to Prague to gain permission from the Almaric to kill Zane and save her mother in the process as well as the Adlet wolf people.


Book Review of Shadow of the Blood Moon

Book Blurb:  “As an Adlet wolf, I had a decent body.  After I convinced William to turn me, I woke up to one of the most perfectly shaped bodies I had ever seen-lean, cut, curves in all the right places. Another perk.”  P 81


In the first book Gen is turned into a hybrid, a mixture of a wolf and a vampire.   The second book in the series furthers her story along.  Here we find the four friends going to Prague to go after Genevieve’ s mother long thought to be dead. Zane an Adlet wolf, appears to be the one who kills her mother though before she can get to her.  But her problem is  Laszlo, the vampire. He finds her ring fascinating and when he has her take it off to give it to him, it weakens Gen.   It will increase his power and hold over the race.   But she manages to survive thanks to the help of William and her friends.  While in Prague they pick up the twin that Gen is told that she has as most Adlet wolves are born in pairs or twins.  Her twin, Guinevere, has been living there her whole life.  She agrees to flee with the group and get to know her sister.  As the group tries to keep ahead of the ones hunting them, they are beset by trouble.  The trouble kills one of the group James and no one can save him.  One set of twins is down a member.  But the other twins remain intact.

As their journey continues the two sisters who had just found each other explore their different stories.  Learning what they could about each other’s life.   They are on the run taking a train but get followed.  So William elects to stay behind to keep them out of their hair.  Little did the group know the trouble that William would get in. Peter the hotel concierge where she stayed at when she left William is actually working with Laszlo and happens to know Williams mother, Dahlia.  This makes Gen very angry, because Laszlo has plans for her and her ring.  He plans to take her away to his summer home to get it together. You have to stay tuned for Book 3 to find out what happens.

I give these book 5 stars.  Book One Ties to the Blood Moon starts the story going giving it enough momentum to get you interested.  Book Two Shadow of the Blood Moon continues the tradition keeping your appetite wetted.  The characters are built into the story as if they are woven in.  She ties into also the use of twins to maintain power in the wolf family and how they interact with each other. Remember they originally started this out to find out where Laszlo was to protect their way of life.  Now they are on a journey to save a person who has become part of their family.

I recommend that you read both books and purchase book three as well.

 Please be advised that I did get both books.  I purchased one via a gift certificate from the author that was Book Two and I got the first book,  Book One on the Nook for free.  I am not receiving any other compensation for this book review.

Interview Corner: Marte King

1.  What is your full name, date of birth and current place of residency. (state is okay).
Marte’ Kenyatta King, 10-20-70, Atlantic city nj
2.  What is your current marital status. Do you have any children.
Married two sons from previous. Relationship
3.  When I spoke with you you had just published a novel and were selling it.  How is that novel doing?  What is its name- Fruition?  Did you do a book tour?
I have two books now Fruition& One Mann Team. They are both doing well and are widely received. No I haven’t done a book tour but I intend to. Maybe you can help.
3a.  What is your book about? 
 Fruition is book of redemption & overcoming obstacles. It’s a memoir that is based on a journal I kept while I was a hospice volunteer for men dying in prison. It’s a page turner thats inspirational, thought provoking & funny. A must read.
4.  I checked out your website. I like the look of your website.  Do you do it on your own?
5.  I see you have two other books one due out soon.  What are their names?
A Dandelion in the Sidewalk & Concert Rose.
6.  What is your writing process?  Do you get your ideas from what happens around you?
7. I see you also lecture.  What do you lecture about?  Who contacts you mainly? Overcoming obstacles, mainly but not limited to at-risk youth and ex-offenders.
8.  What do you charge for your lectures?
Varies on the institution and it’s budget
9.  The current politicatal situation- what do you think of the two candidates that have come out in the forefront?
I want Obama to win (but I know that whomever is president is merely a face for the corporations that control this country.)
10.  Who would you vote for and why?
Obama because his policies appear more apathetic to the masses. Oh, and how cool is he!!!
11.  Do you think that anyone wanting to complete a book review can obtain a copy to do so and where would they go to?
12.  Last question- what is your next project after Concrete Rose and when do you think it will be out?
For personal reasons it hasn’t come out we are working on them now.

Virtual Book Tour of Robin P. Waldrop


Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster. Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.

Can Gen and Will save her mom, or will they be too late?

Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?


Author Info:

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, and author of YA/Urban Fantasy paranormal novels. TIES TO THE BLOOD MOON is book 1 in my series and is available on all digital sites, and also print and audio as well. SHADOW OF THE BLOOD MOON is my current release and the second book in the BLOOD MOON series.

You can read my reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N.


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Your Name Here: Book Tour or Virtual Book Tour 2012

I am reading up on the conferences given by various groups for the year. And I came upon this article that I thought might be helpful to you. It is helpful to me.

The link for the article is:

In it the article says that if you have compiled a list of persons to email about your upcoming tour then you should utilize them. I think that its an avenue that you should use. And when you use it, try and make the best use of it as possible. Try and make physical phone contact. And also try the skype contact as well. If you can,and they want to actually meet you then I suggest try and call up the author of the tour and also try and call the owner of the website you may be using if it isn’t yours. All of this will make a difference in how you are doing and seen by the world that you are entering with your career and your hopes and your dreams.

Another article which is good- I am looking at it as kind of a bible for the first time author to follow is this:
And the one I like is that she says it takes a solid year of pre-planning to launch a book. So remember all the times I may have said something about my book of poetry and then I didn’t mention it. That was my form of public relations. My problem has always been that others have tried to take what I have written as them having written it themselves. And that is what makes me mad. My paranoia is such that I get really stressed out and I had actually called up the sister who is/was an entertainment attorney. And she says once its written its considered copyrighted by me and I register it with the government to protect my rights. So my paranoia is paranoia but it does gain the upper hand with me.

I have actually talked up my book of poetry. I have read it to other persons as well. And I am looking to do a video blog with one of the poetry as an introduction to a book club review that I had done. But as usual I have problems with my camera on my netbook. Always something wrong right.

So I have a growing list of contacts that I have networked with through facebook. twitter, linkedin, my email, chat rooms and other events, that I can contact about the book coming out hopefully. Trying not to alienate people is not a hard thing to do but it is hard when they mention someone that you may work with or be working with and you don’t know who they are. Plus its worse if they pull the lawyer card. So be careful guys. Not that they are trying to steal your joy but they are trying to maybe discourage you or trying to take your work and make money off of it themselves.

So I have talked up the book.
I have sent out emails off and on but none recently and none mass emails.
I have also looked into where the book will be published for their advertising.

So its a good start you know. I am hoping that you the reader will buy my novel. Shameless Plug: Buy My First Book of Poetry and You the Reader Will Always Have a Reason to Be Who You Are. Which to me means that I did my job if you can see yourself in my writing as the person its talking about. And if you can’t and just enjoy it then I still did my job. That was to entertain you in some form and give your mind food for thought.

And the last article that I think you will like and I found interesting is:

All of these I am hoping will make me have a better virtual book tour. And then maybe I will have a real live in person book tour.

Some more information for you as well as I is:

which is a joint video given by Pam Perry and an associate regarding the mistakes you may and will make as a new writer or entrepreneur about to sell your novel or product.

Poetry Corner

Another person who has taken poetry to heart is Ivory Mosely who has graciously given us some of his own work as well to display. Please give him a round of applause.

As Seen On TV
The socially inept guy always get the girl

and lives happily ever after in dream land

a family’s crisis and unique problem

is solved in a 1/2 hour span

100 years of slavery shown in detail

in a weeks time of one hour blocks

from the early liberation to jim crow and all its hard knocks

The beautiful young girl who wants to be a singer

and gets a recording contract and fame in one tv season

“She has it!” is what the judges say is the reason

The most attractive police persons in the world

solve the dirtiest and complex crimes

without hair falling out of place and in record time

A couple of good ol’ boys with a hot car and not so hot top

Keeps the family honor by speeding on dirt roads on the other side of mason-dixon

but always get away because of the stupid sheriff and help of a unidentified vixen

Too bad real life isn’t always this fun

but then again it would be real for me

better left that this is “as seen on tv”






















Sweet Tea Serenade
Come on with me and have some sweet tea

Brewed with love and hot water that was free

The tea leaves are the finest around

From the land where the Taj Mahal is found

Added some sugar, to make it sweet

not too much so its a delicious treat

I’ll stir it and pour it fast

and i’ll give you the first glass

We’ll snuggle on the swing on the front steps

where my grandparents sat and enjoyed the breeze

that blew gently through the trees

The swing slightly creaks, announcing each move

we’re both in a relaxin’ and easy southern groove

Sip after sip, sweet tea is pure bliss

and i’ll glady give you another glass for a sweet tea kiss