Book Review of Daddy’s Playhouse by B. Moore

Title: Daddy’s Playhouse
Author: B. Moore
Publish Date: July 14, 2015
Buy Link:
Rating: 4 Stars
Book Blurb: ” I murdered my … daddy hoe” She admitted her fault easily, preying on my vulnerability. “Self-defense is my middle fuckin name. I do not have a problem with killin a mutha fucka who think they gon come try me.”
Review by Nicole:
I wasn’t that happy at the ending because I got left hanging. Hence you know I would like to read more of the book. It appears to be a series as this is Book 1. I highly recommend it ladies. You and your gents can read and enjoy. Let me tell you why.

So it is a story about four women who dance for a local strip joint in Georgia. Each has a life of their own outside of the club. They are as follows:
Star: she was studying for a degree in medicine. Star was also getting stalked by a man she slept with named Keenan. So one day when he went to her house on a desire to find her, she called her brother and his friend Rari, both bouncers at the club to help her out. They roughed up Keenan and then Rari and Star started a relationship. Some people weren’t happy with it but she was.

Delicious: She was a “victim of circumstances” Raped by her Daddy who had sex with her until she murdered him; she then became a prostitute for Nyce. (A name you will see I believe in more than one story.) She went to Daddy’s Playhouse because it was the number one joint in the state and as she put it: “[She] refused to let the daddies play without [her].” A character to definitely watch in future stories.

Ms. Lady: She was Don’s girl friend until Delicious. Don is the owner of Daddy’s Playhouse and I guess in the future you may call him Daddy himself. We shall have to watch and see. Ms. Lady was the Queen Bee. She wanted to dance and Don wanted her to stay home. So, she got replaced. Now I think of her as a psycho bitch. When she got raped by a man who roofied her that they all know the man paid dearly. And Ms. Lady decided to get it together.

Jaguar: She was a totally different kettle of fish for me. Jaguar is the married mother of three who has her own businesses that she owns and runs as well as a successful husband who also makes big money. Sadly she loses her young son in a motor vehicle accident. So she has to regroup and gain an understanding of why her baby had to die.

Baby: She is 18, Baby. She started to dance after she met Nyce, the pimp. Remember that name? Her story is about searching for who she is and what she wants out of life for herself. Maybe it is Nyce?

As you see from the mini-summary on each of the characters except for Don the story lines are all about women that have had trouble in their lives. Their only connection is Daddy’s Playhouse. All have two desires in common. One is to dance and make money while the other is to better their own respective situation.
In this first book you get the beginning of their stories which is listed in the summaries above. I would sit back and enjoy the next installment of Daddy’s Playhouse as it will continue to develop each of their stories and also introduce more about Don the owner of Daddy’s Playhouse.

Enjoy the read.

Disclosure: According to law I am informing you that I didn’t receive any compensation for this review but I did receive a copy of the book from the author.

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