Title: American Outrage

american-outrageAuthor: Tim Green

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publish Date:  April 25 2007

Buy Link: https://goo.gl/wkKqFA

Review by Ivory Moseley


I thought American Outrage was a good book. Very good pacing and a very easy read. This was my first encounter reading something written by Tim Green

The title of the book is also the name of the TV show that the main character, Jake Carlson is the host and star of. It is a take of the show “A Current Affair” which started in 1996 which Maury Povich hosted and where he 1st got his fame, to 2005 which was hosted by our author Tim Green.

The story is about Jake Carlson and his son Sam who Jake and his late wife adopted. What begins as a search to find out Sam’s real parents and his birthplace, turns into a story of intrigue, murder, chase and even some involvement with some Albanian gangsters.

Tim Green did a very good job with the main character Jake Carlson, He’s tough, a little bit of an ego but really down to earth despite being a popular TV journalist. As you read the story, you will find that Jake is also very clever and resourceful as his son Sam and himself are being pursued by various people of interest.

Also surprising to me in the story was how Sam was even more clever and smarter than his dad Jake. Sam is only 16 and has ways like a teenager but he’s a little wiser than most teens.

I also like the inclusion of a wealthy family (in the story called the Van Buren family) into the mix and as you read, has a much bigger part in the story than you realize.

Rating this book from one to five stars, I give it a 3 ½ to 4 stars. My criticisms are that I would have like to have had more insight on Jake Carlson (i.e. how he got into the TV business, etc.). Just some brief info would have sufficed.

Also I would have like to have had Jake and his good friend Judy linked romantically. It would have been a nice addition to the end of story.

Overall, Tim Green did a good job with this book and I recommend it as a nice weekend read.


I received this book by purchase and writing this review. I will receive no compensation for this review.


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