Book Review Time!

Title: The Most Dangerous Thing

Author: Laura Lippman

Publisher: Morrow

Publish Date:  8/18/2011

Buy Link:

Book Blurb “We were the most dangerous things in the woods”

Review by Ivory Moseley

I found this book to be very well written and the author Laura Lippman has very good ability to grasp the reader into the mystery.

The book begins with a car accident and death of Gordon “Go Go” Halloran, which begins the circle back to events that involved Go Go, his older brothers Tim and Sean, and two neighborhood girls Gwen & Mickey.

In the middle of a hurricane in 1979, in an old shack in park, a tragic incident pulls apart the five childhood friends and all of them carry a dark secret.

Laura Lippman expertly guides the reader from the past from viewpoints of all 5 involved, to the somewhat resolving end of the story. You get a really good look on how different each family life is for the 3 Halloran brothers, Gwen Robinson, & Mickey.

She also writes a very good view of the trials and tribulations of each of the characters’ lives as adults. Marriage problems, alcoholism, taking care of an aging parent, gay children, etc., things that we call all relate to.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

To sum up, this was a very good novel. Laura Lippman’s writing is superb and she really shines.


I received this book by purchase and writing this review. I will receive no compensation for this review.


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