A Book Review of The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell

the third wife

Title:                       The Third Wife

Author Name:                 Lisa Jewell

Date of Publication:         June 9, 2015

Publisher:                     Simon and Schuster

Buy Link:                     http://goo.gl/dlfJyz

Rating:                       5 stars


Book Blurb:   “Dear Bitch. Her poison pen pal was right about her.”  P 206

Review by Nicole Harmon

I gave the book 5 stars.  I really liked this book because it kept me reading and guessing until the end. I was so sure that someone had been murdered and that I knew who the murderer was. I was actually surprised and disappointed at the ending.

A quick summary of the novel is that Maya, the deceased was the third wife of Adrian Wolfe.  Adrian had over a period of time collected three wives; two of which he had children with. All of whom he helped to take care of, spent time with and knew.  They all knew of each other and seemed to get along okay with one another.  But Maya felt at a disadvantage because unlike the previous wives, she was the younger one, the mousy one, the one who couldn’t conceive and couldn’t contribute. Yet she seemed to always be available and made to feel like family.

At some point in the marriage things with her and Adrian had started to go south.  She started to fall for her stepson but did nothing about it because she was married to his father.  A year before her death she started receiving these emails that started out with “Dear Bitch.” These emails were assaults against her character and were also knowledgeable about her life.  Who she saw, what they thought and also seemed to be telling her that she was worth nothing and needed to disappear from their lives.  They lasted up until the day of her death.

The story itself is well written and keeps you involved. It doesn’t go too far forward or too far backwards when she flips from past to present to explain her story.  The use of the letters via email is a very unique tool in helping explain the possible reasons for her death and also putting forth a red herring as well.  I think that when you read this story you may agree with me.  You will be like me in thinking that oh you know who did it or you may have a good idea who did it. Like most mysteries it keeps you guessing and involved trying to follow and link up what the author has told you already.  Yet I still believe the ending will surprise you but follow from all that was written before.  Unlike me however, you may not be disappointed.

I highly recommend this read to you for a summer beach read. Despite it being a mystery, this book will keep you involved while you lounge on the beach.


Disclosure:  I did not receive any compensation for the writing of this book review. I did however receive a complimentary copy of the novel from the publisher, Simon and Schuster.

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