A Book Review of Death by Autopsy A Toni Day Mystery

Book Review of Death by Autopsy A Toni Day Mystery

Written by:  Jane Bennett Munro

Publish Date:  2014

Publisher:  Iuniverse

Buy Link: http://goo.gl/wIrWu2

Rating:  5 bookmarks

Book Review by Nicole Harmon

I absolutely loved this novel and could actually work out the mystery and solve it by the end.  Psst- I WON’T RUIN FOR YOU.  A summary of the novel is that one night Toni Day the pathologist at the Cascade Hospital came upon the half submerged vehicle of Dwayne and Beulah Pritchard.  She quickly had her parents who were in the car at the same time, call the police and she attempted to get the one body out of Beulah.  They all thought that Beulah was dead but upon beginning preliminaries for the autopsy Beulah indicated signs of life. “Watch this.”  I wasn’t at all sure I’d really seen what I thought I’d seen—or that anything would happen when I gave Beulah a command, but I tried anyway.

“Beulah!  Squeeze my hand.” P 22 She called the emergency room and they picked her up and put her in ICU.

While she was in ICU they brought her husband in and he was dead.  “Hello there, young lady,” Rollie Perkins intoned.  “We’ve got another autopsy for you.”

“Beulah’s husband?”

“That’s the one.  Name’s Dwayne Pritchard. When do you think you can do it, Doctor?” p35

As they did the autopsy on Dwayne Pritchard it became evident that he was murdered at his house and that Beulah had placed him in her car and then drove it into the water.   According to the autopsy Dwayne had a depressed skull fracture and the remainder are from his having cancer.

When Beulah died two days later, her autopsy proceeded with no problems.  Of note in this section of the book is how important the two autopsies are and her history.  Specifically, it says that she also had cancer. And that they were both in terminal stages of cancer.  I will explain my thinking about this point later.

The investigation of the house found suggestions that Dwayne was killed there and a third party was involved.  But nothing else turned up.  It was in the investigation into Beulah’s life where everything came to note.   She had a previous marriage in which her son was murdered and the persons involved are the very same people that her current husband works with at a company.  All the evidence looks to a problem with money for one couple. I will not spoil the end for you. I believe that you will have to read for yourself.

I give this book 5 bookmarks.  Excellent writing in a field that I know nothing about.   The author is a medical pathologist and explains the medical terms in simple layman’s terms.  The police investigation is also explained the same way. So too is the legal system. This book to me is like a primer. You can easily understand if you follow what she is talking about and find the criminal all on your own. For those who like whodunit this is a good book. For those who like medical thrillers or mysteries this is a good book.

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review but given the book in exchange for the review.


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