From her point of view

(Straight View)

He promised me a night to rival all our dates together.

I am not one to have sex with another female but I will date another female.

And that is how I met my boyfriend, Trey.

He is tall yella bruther

With a huge broad chest

And an accent to die for.

Nia  is my name

I am in love with my man.

I am an average height woman who comes up to his shoulders in heels.

That man has given me the best O of my life.



My girlfriend has promised me a night to rival all of our dates combined.

She is a tall light skinned pretty faced female

Her measurements are 36-28-36

Her shoe size is a 9

Her dress size is a medium

I wasn’t a lesbian or thought of lesbianism until she kissed me

I said Get the hell out to my boyfriend

And kicked his sorry ass to the curb

And I shouted to the rooftops how I felt about my girl

My measurements are 36-28-36

We borrow everything from each other

She is my better half

I really love her


His point of view

(straight view)

My girlfriend of three years is a beautiful white woman

I was always against interracial relationships

She was the one who helped me raise my son after my former girlfriend died

She was the one who helped me get my job

She was the one who said leave the stage and work for your self

This is now the third year of our relationship

And we are discussing marriage

I didn’t want to ask her to marry me

I didn’t want to ask her to move in with me

But I did want to do something nice

So I sent her a telegram


Invited her to dinner

At the DARBY

Afterwards we would go for a drive in the park

And there we would with a permit pitch a tent and spend the night

The kids are taken care of.



I told my boyfriend that we were going to paint the town

Dress in our best dress clothes

Wear our spit shine shoes

Take in a show

Do dinner

And then go home

To have a wild night of sex

And then you know what my baby did

He proposed before I could pop

The question

So our Valentines Day

Is at the folks

Announcing our engagement

Who knew?


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