So we have had snow for a lot of the days this winter. Big snow storms and also one coming in to the state. What do we want to do this time around- avoid the snow. But as of March 19, 2014 I think it has stopped for a while.
So ok got a cup of coffee yesterday after not knowing if I slept or not. That may mean sleep. Not exactly sure. So I am so happy- I have fixed my last ticket recieved in Smashwords and it appears that the book will have one copy sold on Apple ITunes. I will post on the other blog who has the book ready to be ordered. This does not mean that the book is available online. Just that its shipping. With those books I may have sold a total of 14 to 20 copies and the book is out a year. I think that is not bad for a first go around considering people not know me. And its poetry. I think people would much rather have romance, crime, or sci fi. But that isn’t what I started to put out. I put out what I wrote.

The thing that i wanted to talk about today actually happened to be nothing in particular. I am just going to babble. Yes babble. Sometimes babbling is good if it has a purpose. My babble actually does have a purpose if I can remember it. AS you see, tiredness has set in.
So we are all aware of the missing flight from Malaysia MH370. I had a somewhat good conversation last night about it on a chat site. Of course it was after 12 midnight but hey, none of us could sleep. So we decided and I am thinking most of us are on the same wavelength now: there are two options: hijacking causing a forced landing or a forced landing in an emergency situation. But also in consideration is they went through Ukraine which is currently at war. They went through Thailand military space, and got on radar. This airplane could be landed somewhere or broken up because of a crash. I don’t know what to say to people but that no news about bodies and plane wreckage gives you hope. If you have the hope then you will believe. But according to reports on the news and being read on the internet, the plane made a directed turn either by the pilot or the tower before it disappeared. They know they had approximately another 4 hours of fuel left. If they could refuel then maybe they stopped off at the base nearby which someone told me about in the chatroom. Other than that its all speculation. So if you have any news please post in a comment in this section.

So I have started watching some shows on the television and they aren’t bad. I rented Thor 2- that was excellent. Of course its better in the movie theatre and I have to wait until it shows up on cable.

So I got my Norton fixed, but now I have a problem with my computer downloads on and something tried to “read my computer” and it wasn’t able to causing my computer internet not to work. And now I have like coupons popping up, and spyware, and a whole host of things I have to get rid of now. So mad it just happened. And they were downloads from the internet. For updates. Nope no more.

Oh I can’t say much right now but I was informed of a virtual book tour that may take place. I will let you know.


One thought on “SNOW WHEN WILL IT END?!

  1. Ivory Moseley says:

    I think we have finally got through the winter
    We had a very snowy winter

    My opinion on the Malyasian flight is that their government and the US government knows something and keeping it real hush-hush
    I just can’t believe with the technology that there is out there that the plane just disappeared.
    I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but governments have hidden info before and still do.
    I really feel sorry for the people on the flight and their families. This is a nightmare for them.

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