Could I Be Pregnant?

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Hi how are you? Hope you are having a good winter until school ends. I have a question to pose for you? What would you do if you thought you were pregnant? Would you wait for two missed periods? Would you wait for one missed period? What about taking the actual pregnancy test? Would you take a blood test? Would you share your suspicions or wait until you know for sure? This article is kind of about that.

I will take you through what I have heard others say about pregnancy. But do you think this is too much information? This is me trying to be a better writer or a better person? I don’t consider the question of being a woman but I do question the idea of being an aware woman?

Some anectdotal stories of pregnancy throughout the years. My friend in junior high school had a baby by a man who was involved with someone else. I had another friend who had a baby in college. While she was in ROTC. And I had some people whose families who also had children as teens. Some in college.

What do you see in these pictures:
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This is a pregnancy test picked up at the store Pathmark. There are others so check when you go there. But it is important to take the first step if you believe that you are pregnant. If that is negative when you first try it then maybe a second time, it will come back positive if you still do not have your period. Or if it comes back inconclusive which I can’t show that result to you: then go get a blood test. The blood test is almost or is 100% full proof.

So go take one. I took one for this article. You can too. You can also use a pregnancy test also as a first line of defense if you think you have a hormonal problem. Also you can take semen detection test: Although I am not sure what you would take this as exactly or for. But I found it surfing on the internet.

Going back to the point of the article is this: if you think you are pregnant go and spend the money for a pregnancy test. If you can’t afford it, then either ask a friend or wait at least two periods before you go to a clinic if you want. Then wait your nine months and welcome home a new addition.

God Bless you and your new baby!


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