Dining Out

Did you ever think that dining out could be a harrowing experience? I never have. But I have heard from friends and other sources of people being sick and having very bad allergic reactions to food actually. So this time this morning when I got the urge to go out for lunch for this weekend, I checked out the website for Red Lobster. The website link is here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/red-lobster-iselin. I got the link through Yelp (www.yelp.com). They are also good for reviews as well. And I am actually browsing through the website right now.
First I went to the nearest restaurant to me. Then I went to the menu section. http://www.redlobster.com/menus/. The menus also supply pictures of the dishes being served so you can actually see what you would be ordering prior to actually purchasing it. I like this. I can visually see and it makes me hungrier what I would order. I can also choose to substitute prior to going out. If you are looking to save time it helps; but I think it helps in general for you to see what is actually being served at the restaurant. And then you can choose to go or not right now.
Then I went to the health section (http://www.redlobster.com/health/ ). This lists information on allergies (http://www.redlobster.com/health/allergy/pdf/RL_Allergen_Menu.pdf ), how it is made, smart tips for dining out (http://www.redlobster.com/health/healthy_living/health_info.asp )and other things you might be concerned with for your dining experience. All of these should help to make your experience an enjoyable one.
Plus with sites like Yelp (www.yelp.com ) you can check out reviews prior to going, or post your own review.
So the next time you want to go out to eat and aren’t sure what is on the menu you might want to try the following:
1. Check out the restaurant website if they have one. If you don’t know the site, and you can’t upload http://www.google.com (Google) then call up the restaurant to get the most up to date web site url to input into your browser window.
2. While on the website, check out the menu options, if they have allergy information, health information and/or information regarding specials and coupons.
3. Then enjoy and have a good time.
If there is no website url then just call up the restaurant and see if they have time to answer your questions. Sometimes if you call during a busy day they won’t be able to answer you. But when you start the telephone call- ask them, is this your busy time right now? Do you have time to answer some questions about your restaurant? Most of the workers there may be able to take the time out of a not busy day.
So shall see if I get my lunch out soon. Enjoy your day.


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