Sisters and brothers got to love them. I got a great email about this blog: Black Girl Nerds. The badge to put on your blog: HA-HA-HA!- glasses. Not like the small designer but the big lens’s glasses that take up your face. So nice to get some glasses respect. So anyway- it is December and the end of the year is near. I had so much to do the beginning of the year and didn’t complete half of it. But on the plus side- I got a writing gig that may have paid. Even if I don’t get money from it, I have the experience of doing it. Now to take an affordable class- looking at local colleges and even some not so local for me.
I have discovered news on my cellular phone. I have discovered video on my phone. I have also discovered my cellular phone doesn’t like video. Go figure that out.
Working as a substitute teacher since October this year. I am not sure if it’s going to continue but I am getting calls. When they stop then I am not so happy. But I like a paycheck as much as the next person. I do complain but happy to work. Oh, and I do definitely get uncomfortable but happy to be working.
So I don’t wear makeup a lot anymore. And yes I am the same person who says you have to dress nice for when you walk out your door because you never know who you will meet. But I got into this thought pattern of who cares how I look? No one is going to see me and the ones who do have seen me at my worse. The funny thing is the truth of the matter is appearance does matter. But again I got into this thought pattern that it isn’t the only thing that should matter. Other things should matter. I in my tunnel vision forgot that for some it can be the stepping stool to a lucrative position somewhere. But I took some pictures, I look not bad. If I do say so myself. Oh well- tomorrow is Monday!
So found my exercise videos on cable via On-Demand and I don’t feel pain or the need to collapse afterwards. So grateful. Now I still have to start. I started in the evening but I kind of think morning is better. But evening can happen and then you eat afterwards. Shall see.
December 8, 2013
Today woke up, and had a sore throat but was still very tired. So I had two and ½ cups of coffee and I am now awake with a sore throat. Still can’t swallow. It sucks cuz it hurts. I know, go to the hospital right? I should. A lot of money but I have a better feeling throat. You know what I heard the other day- why go to the emergency room? What for? Cuz you can’t eat maybe? But I am not sure what they were talking about. Just overheard it.
So I went to my one Facebook account and worked on it. I have to go to my other Facebook account and work on it. But I haven’t done so yet. Chatted for a bit but not a lot.
I talked with a friend via Skype. Got a nice poem. Found a scene for the Voyeur Lawyer and finishing it up now.
December 14, 2013
Today is the end of my first week substituting for another school district. They locked me in- wasn’t happy about that. But I got to teach a lesson on my own. Had some problems. It wasn’t bad. Not sure they got the lesson though. They did participate though. Asked their own questions. So I am getting a paycheck from them soon. Had to call to find out pay dates but figure I can go online and find it on their website.
I got a new magazine it’s called Fast Company. At quick glance it looks pretty interesting. Articles about music, computers, gadgets, personal anecdotes about their choices in life. Pretty interesting. Shall let you know.
I am out of things to say at the moment so I will end this blog entry and talk with you again in print later.


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