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This is a test of this new software I just downloaded. For those who write you know that when we are on a deadline time is of the essence. But what of those times when time is just for continuing writing a novel or also writing a speech. Not for a deadline for a piece owed to a magazine or publisher. What about the times when we can’t seem to find the time to do any writing at all in a 24 hour period? Well this might help out with that.
In the current issue of Writers Digest for July, 2013 in the article “Game Changing Moves” one of the contributors a Tamara Linse, (www.tamaralinse.com) wrote that she started using this because she couldn’t find the time to write. So what she started to do was use this software called XNote desktop timer (www.xnotestopwatch.com) to keep track of her writing or at least make her write for an allotted time. And she continued to do this for a while and found out that it helped her write and she has since completed novels.
For me, my problem isn’t necessarily finding the time, but taking the time out actually. I can write at any time of the day but when does it help me out to just write flat out? Sometimes I can write and get a really good story or chapter out of it. That hasn’t happened lately.
Right about now I am at 7 minutes and 10 seconds. Hold on I am stopping the timer now to start over in a timed mode. Now I am starting for a ten minute timed mode.
Now apparently this is supposed to play the song that I added into my parameters for the program when my ten minutes are up. And at the end of it, I am supposed to have a ledger which denotes my time and how long I had used it for. Let us hope it works.
I am still reading the Writer’s Digest Magazine and I am now on the article about Kimberla Lawson Roby. She was an author who started out as a self published author and sold many novels and held a space on the best sellers list. She was also honored by the NAACP Image awards for her novel of fiction The Reverends Wife in 2012. I believe that she is a writer that many people can learn from. You should check out her interview on pages 44 through 47.
That leads to another question- how do I handle an author interview? I am a new author, just published, not well known in the industry but would like people to know me and my work. So how do I handle that request and that subsequent interview? Maybe I should fly by the seat of my pants which you could do. Or you could follow some simple steps that may help you out. When getting the offer and considering it you may want to ask the person doing it, if it is okay that you give her some questions for you to answer. This will give you familiar ground to start from and also will make you comfortable. No you are not taking the interview away from the interviewer. You would just like to know some of the questions coming at you. If the interviewer doesn’t mind then that is a way to handle the interview. You already have some of the answers prepared in your author biography and question and answer section for the media on the novel. Another prep you might want to take is to actually watch the television show or listen to the radio show that you may be appearing on to get a feel for one the interview and how they react and interact with both their guests and their listeners and/or audience watchers, two the types of questions that the particular interviewer is prone to ask her guest and three if there is a call in section how that call in section is handled. This again gives you familiarity with the area you are now in. Another and last prep is to make sure you have a good night’s sleep, a nice cup of coffee in the morning, that you go to the bathroom prior to your interview and do not have to go during the segment which includes you and also so that you are on point for your interview.
Okay I have two minutes and counting now guys. It isn’t as easy as it sounds to write by timer. Because when that beep goes off you have to stop what you are doing. But not indefinitely, just until you turn it off and if you want to continue writing then do so. Me personally, I like the untimed version because then I can write and keep track of my time for when I sell it. Meaning when I write for someone on assignment and they are paying me to write. Guru a freelance website (www.guru.com) also has a timer as well that takes snapshots of what you are doing on the computer screen. It also will give you a print out for you to write as well. Okay song started. Wait.
A little bit about the program, if you are looking for the entire song to play- don’t. It only plays a portion of it. Your time ledger will look like this:
1 2:15:28 PM 100.0% -55886:14:17.27 100.0% 7/22/2013 2:15:28 PM
And you can continue to track your time. If you want to add a note it will look like this:
1 2:15:28 PM 100.0% -55886:14:17.27 100.0% 7/22/2013 2:15:28 PM 7/22 first time to test
And you can keep track of start, stop, problems all of that here.
I think this will help me out; outside of Guru. I need to be signed into Guru when working on a project for them; which is my proposal is accepted then it will be used. I haven’t actually gotten an assignment yet through them but have been solicited. It isn’t easy trying to make your own way but it is also time consuming. A lot without pay and/or a clear understanding of what it is you may need but you know what it is you want and people will help you out.
So these are two ways of keeping time of your work as you write for money if this is needed to get paid. For those who get paid by the hour it’s a great system. For those who want a timed writing experience to take a couple of minutes out of each day it is also a good way to write. You choose which is “write” for you.
Time for me to be leaving though. My bathroom is finished. Just letting the floor dry before I do my sink and the tub is for later anyway. So I shall hopefully see you later on the blog with comments or just as site visitors.
Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully for continuing to read my blog.

Note: This is not a solicited product review but one done as I need to use a program like this. So I did not pay for the product but if I choose to, then I register and pay. For those who are interested, check out the website listed and decide. I think it is a good product to utilize.


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