Book Review: Elysian Dreams “Where the Past Meets the Present” by BJ Neblett

Elysian Dreams Book Cover Book Title: Elysian Dreams “Where the Past Meets the Present”

Author: BJ Neblett

Publisher: Brighton Publishing

Buy Link:

Rating: 4 1/2 stars


Long time we been here some of us. One hundred years old and the stories they tell are of years past and present. This book is the same. Do you remember:

Stutz Blackhawk (car)
Louis Meyer taking the flag at the Indy
Gene Tunney KO’s Henry in the 12th
Billy Maharg fixing the World Series in ’19. (found in various pages in the book)

This book takes you through snippets of life history. He talks of memories about a car to the World Series. He speaks of a ladies life based on journal entries. He speaks of abortions and trips to Mars with a colony where its hard to have children.

It is an interesting read. Well written and entertaining. Although a bit slow for me at times, it maintained my interest because of the historical connections he used plus my interest sparked by what I had read.

I recommend this novel as a good winter read when your stuck in the house snowbound.

Please be advised that I recieved payment for doing this book review from the author.

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