Some Interesting Articles from Writers Digest

So I am perusing through the emails I received and came upon an email from Writers Digest. I found some articles I liked and thought I would post links so that you could read them also. First up is this link: For us all, definitely read.

Copyediting- a job that is out there and some of us don’t think about. I came upon a website that actually lists jobs for copyeditors. And they update it daily. What are some of them called- according to the article- “word nerds.” See link: This is a comprehensive at least for me overview of what a copyeditor does and how you may break into the field. It also offers helpful hints and tips on how to do research and prepare for the test. I have actually applied but haven’t been considered yet for a word nerd job. But hopefully, its not that long away.

Hope these helped you out. They definitely did me.


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