Articles of Interest Regarding Employment, Interviewing and Raises

I love this new blog a friend told me about called Job Mob. This next article comes from this blog and here is the link:

Take into account what they say in regards to interviewing your new boss. I wish I had thought of some of these questions. Here is how my previous bosses measure up:
1. Most don’t mind discussing raises or giving them.
2. Most don’t mind feedback.
3. Most don’t mind delegation.

But on the rest I would have to think about it.

Another article: Very helpful. Definitely needed.

Of note and mentioned in the next article is using Linkedin to do some company research and also connect with persons who worked at the company you wish with to have an interview.
Here is the link:

Ah the portfolio. For those in the know: a portfolio showcases your work for your potential employer to see or client. If you become a freelancer in writing, art, advertising this becomes like your Bible. In it is all the holy works you have ever done. What is included in it? What should it look like? How do I present it- here is the link to an article that can help you. Work Portfolios: The Best Job Interview Tool You’re Not Using.

Take a look at these and review. Use what you can and hopefully soon for those who need it a job.


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