Interview Corner: Mack Williams


My name is Mack Williams. Some would say that I am one of the unfortunate ones – birthday December 28th – in terms of presents; however, I have been very fortunate to have been blessed with my wife of almost 25 years, Cynthia Chiles-Williams, and our 20-year-old son, Mandela, who has worked on some of my projects.

With respect to the film business, I am definitely an independent, working with one of the most prolific independent film companies out there, Caglevision, Inc. I had no background in film, having studied music in elementary and high school and liberal arts in college, and in fact, my being involved in film is almost accidental.

In 1987 I picked up a community newspaper and stumbled across some information about a contest for playwrights sponsored by a university in upstate New York. I never had written a play nor wanted to, but I did want to win the $2,500 prize – so I wrote a musical called “Rich From Within.” It did not win, but a group of family members and others toured the show around the east coast for well over a decade. One of my high school friends, Kenya Cagle, asked about the film rights and indicated he wanted to shoot it – and ultimately that happened in 2007.

I was on set almost every day, as was Mandela, who played the son of the lead character. I wasn’t involved with editing or post-production, but was involved with writing and recording of the film’s music. Through MaestroWorld Entertainment I am involved in other projects involving, but not limited to, film, musical production, and political Internet video and radio commercial production. Anyone interested in discussing any of the above can email me at

Caglevision also produced my 2012 film, “Your Roommate,” which was nominated for Best Dialogue in a Feature Film at the 2012 Action On Film Festival in Monrovia, CA. We are about to begin production on my latest piece, “For Old Times’ Sake,” which will premiere in August at the AOFFEST and then be shown at the inaugural Churches Making Movies Film Festival in Rahway, NJ in October.

Advice to up and coming entrepreneurs/business people – just do it! Fifty years from now you don’t want to wish you had tried something in 2013. If what you do doesn’t work, learn from that and try something else.


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