Where is it? In New York City. I missed the ticket coupon. I am hoping for another but if not I am hoping for a job or I will just by the ticket. Why? Because I am dying to go. The problem is that I have never been. And the speakers look good and even their blogs look better. A lot of it is networking and networking with people of like minded individuals in my chosen field of blogging. Why do I blog? Because it lets me have my say.

I have gotten together a swag bag but have decided that the thing to do is probably bring just my home made business cards. No they are not professional yet but I made them in photo shop or the business card section of the program. They look very nice I just have to laminate them. So I was going to use them to connect and network with others at the program. In keeping with this I found an article in my email that may help out.

In Job Mob there is an article called What to Bring to Networking Events and Conferences? posted on April 3, 2013. I think it is an excellent article. I also believe that I have other articles here as well on networking. I will post the link below. I suggest you read and make it work for you. And I will hopefully see you at Blogging While Brown this year. Fingers crossed!

11/15/12 Networking Family Events Parties and Socialization

8/24/12 The Art of Conversation

6/14/11 The Business of Writing How Do We Navigate to Be Published.

Check them out- enjoy them. Give them out for reading assignments or just comment. Hopefully this and that will help you out in the future.


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