Interview Corner: Donnell Rouses’ Interview


Your Background
1. Your Name and Your Spouses name and your children names and children’s date of birth
I am single at the moment

2. Your Date of Birth and Your Spouses date of birth (in your case if you aren’t married to your fiancée your fiancée’s information)
12/19/???? An actor never reveals his

3. Siblings Names and Sibling Spouses names with date of births and ages
Steven, Nekeisha, Cynthia… the rest is too personal

4. Parents names and dates of birth and ages
Ozie and Marjorie

5. Names of nieces and nephews (optional)
Alex and Taylor

Educational Background
6. High school graduated from and year
Linden High School

7. Secondary institution attended if any and your graduate degree (bachelors, certificate)
Kean University
BA in Communications

8. Graduate school if any attended
No Graduate school

9. Work and Experience :
I have a background in IT, Customer Service, and Personal Training

Current Activities
10. Are you currently working?
Yes I am

11. Does it give you a feeling of accomplishment to have gotten to where you are now in you career?    
Yes it does, Acting is a journey there is no sure fire way to make it but I think I am coming along in this business

12. I see you have a new website up. How did that come about? Do you have a webmaster? Do you need any assistance with your blog?    Yes I did my website thru Wix it was free to set it up and I later paid for the domain name. I would like to set up a blog down the line. my website is

13. I understand that you had a play recently- if you could tell us about that.
Yes the Play was called “Three Women , Three Men” Play was dealing with three couples with three different relationship issues, that’s being tried in a courtroom setting.

14. Do you have any advice for those up and coming actors and actresses about their new career path.
I say that acting is something that you have to have a passion for don’t get into it because you want to be famous.. this is a journey. You have to study and fine tune your craft. Also I am learning this business is about relationships, so be nice to everyone, you never know who is watching you.


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