Many of you from the towns of Rahway, New Jersey and Piscataway, New Jersey are already familiar with this new name in the music business but for those who aren’t aware introducing Ms. Nilaja Ford.  Born to Rosalind and Curtis Ford of Fords Township, she was raised along with her brother Baashan Ford in New Jersey.  Now she is grown up and wowing audiences with her talent.  Currently she has some YouTube videos that you can actually see online at Take a listen to her single “I Don’t Want Your Man” – you can use this link   She does have one daughter and has plans to be married in the future.  You can visit her website  Without further ado- Ms. Nilaja Ford.

Music Career

  1.  What type of music do you consider yourself to do?   Urban popular music
  2. Who is your record company?  I have my own label right now Aja Lin  but I’m working on a major deal
  3. Who is your manager?  I read you work with 1900.  Is that your manager?   I managing  my own career at this time along with some consultants
  4. Who manages your Face book webpage? I do
  5. How many records do you have out as of December 2012?   I currently am pushing only one single – the records I do are for promo/industry use
  6. Have you tried out for any more BET television shows?   I was on 106& park
  7. Do you have any plans for a Nilaja Unplugged type of video?   I would love to do something like that
  8. In terms of your music- do you write it, do you commission someone to do it; do you purchase other hooks, songs, samples?   I write mostly but I have been working with some major industry writers and producers currently
  9. How long to bring a concept to fruition?   It can be as quick as 5 mins or long as 5 days to get it right
  10. How much time do you spend in the studio per each song?   To record about 4 hours
  11. Do you allow other persons in the studio with you?   Yes – I like feedback
  12. Do you after the song is done and you take a listen- do you ever feel that the song was not exactly the way you wanted it?   Sometimes then I will go back and fix things
  13. Are you doing any duets or other joint efforts for the coming year on your album?   No duets at this time but in the future
  14. What is your current album name?  How many songs?   I am not officially working on an album yet – just singles for now
  15. The one I like right now is I Don’t Want Your Man.  Can you tell us the story if possible behind it?  I can relate to the song because I tell people that too- I am not after your guy.    Lol it’s an overall song to other women who think because I am attractive that I’m after what they have and that’s not the case. It was a fun/funny song and concept I thought of
  16. I loved your article in the New Jersey Magazine done a couple of years ago.  Can you tell me how that came about?    The owner of the magazine heard about me from a mutual friend and we met to do the article.

 Concert Questions:

  1.  Do you feel that you have enough to go out on your own and do a concert?   Yes definitely
  2. Who would you have as your opening act?   Wow I’ve never thought about that – I would rather be an opener for an act bigger than me for greater exposure.
  3. How many songs, sets would you do?    I think an 40 min show right now at the longest

The remainder of this interview is on  under Ms. Delaina Dixon’s byline for TVGal.  Please stop by and check it out.



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