How Was Christmas This Year 2012?

I don’t know about you but I had a surprisingly not bad Christmas Day. I have to still buy my Mom’s gift but she said not too.  I am still getting her something nice though- for putting up with all the hoopla throughout the year.  And I am also getting a friend a gift who has been there as well, always buying me things, including dinner and not expecting anything in return-  I am getting him a gift.  I am not sure yet, but the Hallmark Stores always have nice things.

Remember some posts ago- I had written about becoming a gadget lover- well it definitely shows.  For Christmas, I had a nice stash of gadgets given to me.   I got some things I could definitely use and now I just need to get the cell phone again. The one  I had been given I had to return. So hoping to get it tomorrow if my friend shows up and even if he doesn’t.

I didn’t finish this morning what I started yesterday. But the work I did complete. I didn’t meet the baby and also I didn’t get to have the conversation I wanted to at my job.  That is the conversation that I needed to have.   Let me ask you the reader this- it has to do with seasonal jobs.  Do you think that a seasonal job will always turn into a permanent job? I have had the luck that most jobs I have been hired for weren’t seasonal jobs even if I got hired for a particular season. But the last two jobs I had were indeed seasonal and only lasted through Christmas.  The last job I got was possibly going to last longer but due to unforeseen circumstances I don’t believe it will last much longer.  And I know that they are doing the schedule over for some people.  But I won’t be there  I am due for my check on Friday.  Do I want to go get it- yes- but I was picking up some information about someone today.  And I didn’t due to the unforeseen circumstances.  It didn’t make any sense to me.   But I don’t want any trouble. So I got to handle it on Friday. 

My plans for New Years- I would like to go to Webster Hall but I will end up at my house or a friends, drinking champagne or wine eating cheese dip and hot dinner rolls.  Nice finger food huh- you can get the huge platters for that.  I have yet to ask but I am going to ask.  I would like a nice, small but tasteful New Years Eve mini-party. 

Next year- as I have stated before I stopped making New Years Resolutions because they don’t work.  I however do make goals to achieve throughout the year.  My goals this year remain the same: 

1. Get a job (fulltime and well paying)

2.  Publish my novel

3.  Educate myself in my chosen hobby and career writing

4.   Go after some graduate level classes to take towards my future Masters Degree

5.  Go out, meet, greet and enjoy things that I like to do like gallery openings, plays, movies, music events, book events, coffee and tea meets, walks in the park, and sleeping. Going to the beach for the summer, going to amusement parks in the summer. 

6.  Meet and maintain relationship with future spouse.  And if I have met him then just to maintain that relationship. (I am not sharing if I have met him with you.)  And also to maintain the relationship with the children and other family members as well.

Those are my goals for the year 2013 and I am going to strive to keep them.  This year, if I am successful, I am going to cross off each of them in a blog entry and give you an update on what is happening.  Not to give you my life story but just to keep you in the know about what is going on in Teribelle’s life, the writer of the blog you read. 

I do appreciate you all and I wish I could give you something that would show you how much but all I can give you is this round of applause.

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