A Book Review of Ice Cream Camelot by BJ Neblett

Book Blurb:  Asking a girl for help to saying you like her. Being saved by a girl, …twice in three days is like being kissed by her in the middle of the school yard at lunch time. P 59

Publisher:  Brighton Publishing

Buy Link:   Due out in Spring 2013

Rating:  4 ½ stars 


I liked this story very much.  However, I couldn’t give it 5 stars because I got caught in what I call the drag session.  After a while I started to drag reading the story.  Meaning that I had found something else more interesting than this story.  But overall I loved it.

I am a history major and I love to read historical information in stories.  It gives it for me a grounding of where the author is in the novel.  This was set in the turbulent time of the 1960’s when he grew up.  The author BJ Neblett talks of his growing up and going to catholic school and his friends.  He also talks of his friends-one in particular by the name of Amy with whom he felt an understanding that no one else seemed to take the time out to do.

Particularly my favorite part of this story is:

 Parents have a method of tormenting their children. It’s surprising how annoying a few seemingly in-nocuous questions can be to the adolescent. This need to question is carried and passed down in the genes. The question gene lies dormant until the individual becomes a parent. Then it becomes active and turns cancerous to the unsuspecting offspring. This is why you never hear a single aunt or a favorite bachelor uncle asking,“What did you do today?” or, “Who’s your new friend?” or even, “Where have you been?” These questions, harmless enough on the surface, have the same effect as tugging the ears of a sleeping pit bull. And they carry with them automatic, natural responses which include inarticulate shrugs and groans followed by words sounding like: “Stuff,” and “Guys,” and “Things,” and “Around.” P 61

I like this because as a daughter or a son any of us can relate to that feeling.  Why are you asking- what is it that you want to know- where are all the questions coming from and the only response that you can think of in response is I had things to do Mom.  So relate to it.

             I like the use of real time pictures of the actual political events going on at the time as well as the pictures of the author and his family.  You learn that he is the product of an actress who was a working actress.  You learn that his friends considered themselves a gang.  You learned that he had an interest in the radio and as some do skipped school to feed that interest while netting an internship there or job later on. At the end of the novel you learn about his family and how their lives turned out- a little bit about where his is at, and get a glimpse of life for him. 

             Overall I liked the book and I do hope that I whetted your appetite with this book review and that you would like to purchase this novel and read it.

 Notice according to inform rule:  I did receive compensation for reviewing this novel and am informing you of this.  As soon as the publishing information is made available I will let you know.  It is due to come out in 2013.

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