What the Heck is Wrong with that Family? Inbreeding in Television

Hey guys- you know how I love watching television but now its mostly me watching everything on re-runs on the On Demand channel and the shows that I can’t catch on live television.  The reason is I am always doing something else on my computer. But it isn’t that bad.  I actually catch some new shows that way.

Anyway, the background to this blog post is I was sitting in my bed this morning listening to something and then it just pops out- What the hell is wrong with that family?  Think about it.  We hear a lot about people marrying multiple parties, having multiple sex partners I forget the name of that show and also marrying within their own family.  But none of us probably pay attention to what we see it on.  The television.

Back in the 80’s or 90’s I believe the storyline was that Carly, Bobbies teenage pregnancy had come to town to find her mother and get back at her for giving her up for adoption.  She decides to sleep with Tony her husband at the time. Only to later on I believe find out that he is her father. Prior to that you have the Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields having her brother’s child because they grew up together, experienced the feeling of arousal and had sex.  They had a baby before they left the island. 

In the movies you have Texas Chainsaw Massacre which I believe has Leatherface.  I believe that may be inbreeding.  I know that Jeepers Creepers with the patchwork guy is probably just a sicko but I like to think only someone with inbreeding could do that.  There are a couple of other movies as well.

If you think of your current situation you could probably tell of people that you have met that were faced with this situation. I met a young indian woman who had an interest in her cousin.  They decided not to follow through on their attraction.  The one we all are aware of is the half sister and half brother who approached the pope to get married.   Even I can’t imagine that.

All this is to say watch your television- see whats on it.  You may or may not like it. But also you may want to check out these fellow bloggers webpages:



http://geeksoulbrother.com/  (link may be broken)

These are good television blogs to read.  But I was thinking about the “inbreeders” today.  Weigh in and if I like your post I will post as a guest on the blog.


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