As the year turns to 2013 still many of us are looking for new jobs- such as me.  And even though I do freelance work I am also looking for a full time job despite my many problems.  This article spoke to me in regards to my resume.  Specifically, I was interested in the idea of your resume being considered plagiarized.  In the article it says, “Since no two people are alike even if they work for the same job, taking a resume written for someone else is not a good idea.  It also becomes plagiarism because is not meant to be shared.”  For some of us who have had their resume questioned as being their real resume because someone else either had the exact same resume, called up the office where it went and claimed it to be a fraud, or actually tried to interview as that person, (I can’t see it really happening but it might) this is a problem. Likewise, it also goes on to say that if you are switching positions like I did, when I became a secretary from a paralegal you may consider having a professional complete your resume.  Specifically, it says, ” If you find that you are trying to edit in new positions or transition to a new field, perhaps you would better of investing in having a professional do it for you.”   All this can be found in the below- listed link:

What you also want to do, is to take it and review it through which is a website that helps you maintain your portfolio and resume online. I just found out about it yesterday and I am reviewing the website now. But it is hard because my browser is on the fritz.

Speaking of browsers, I downloaded the new internet explorer 10 which is in pre-release right now and I am trying it out.  Took me two tries to get it to load right and now my programs such as wordpress still show that my browser is out of date. I figure this is because it is in pre-release because my about internet  explorer shows it as explorer version 10.  So if you guys notice that it is because of it being in pre-release.

Some more computer updates:  you may notice on your internet that people are still talking about SOPA. But what you may also want to know is that your internet is considered a privilege that many pay for but it may also be a privilege that will be curtailed in the future. If you are interest in knowing more go to and review their website which has the information regarding internet privacy and other issues dealing with intellectual property, copyright and computers.

Hoping you had a great Thanksgiving. I didn’t have a great one but not a bad one. I wish I could have had a better one but I was looking for something that wasn’t going to happen given the circumstances.


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