Networking, Family Events/Parties and Socialization: Guest Corner: Tommy Buer

Hey Survivors of Hurricane Sandy. I am looking for some feedback here on this article. I am interested in starting a whole new section of the blog entitled: Networking, Family Events/Parties and Socialization. This section will deal with how to network, how to set up a party for work or personal reasons, how to buy gifts, how to set a table, etiquette and other issues dealing with social periods in our lives. This is the first article to appear in this section. So Please give a warm welcome to our first feature article by Tommy Buer.

    When and How to Buy Napkins Wholesale

Imagine you’re at a function and there are lots of drinks going round and lots of food, people are also getting a bit tipsy, moving around and dancing. Now imagine that some function without any napkins to hand on your table or under your drink; it would get pretty messy, very quickly. As mundane as it sounds, it is often the little details that help an occasion go off without a hitch. The humble paper napkin helps remove crumbs from hands and faces and dries minor spills whilst being easily disposable and easy to handle.

For everyday home use, you may choose to use linen napkins that you wash and reuse, but if you have an event or are in the catering industry, you may have to buy napkins wholesale.

Your typical napkin comes in either 2 ply or 3 ply, which you would choose between dependant on the expected use and your budget. 2 ply paper serviettes are thinner, but cheaper, so are more suitable for when you are handing out several napkins. For example, handing out pieces of cake at a wedding or for use at a bar area. 3 ply napkins are obviously thicker, thus more durable, but slightly more expensive. You would normally use these at the table with the main meal of the event, as they would need to sustain a longer use. There are also smaller paper serviettes available to use for cocktails or canapés and these can look a bit more refined as they are easier to fit into one hand.

Whichever thickness and size you opt for, it is also a nice touch to match the colour of your paper serviettes to the decor of your establishment or the colour theme of the event. If the colour theme is fairly neutral, accessories such as your napkins and table decorations can add stylish accents.

As paper napkins can be little lifesavers, it is almost impossible to over-order them. If you are ordering for a restaurant, bar or cafe, they will be used and replaced constantly, so ensure that you always have a healthy supply of them. When it comes to ordering them for a function, you need to consider how many guests and the itinerary of the event. You need to order 1 to 2 per guest for the dinner or cake-cutting part of the event, then 2 to 3 per guest for each hour that canapés or drinks will be served. For example, if you were catering a wedding where the guests had dinner, then the bride and groom cut the cake and then a 3 hour disco, you would need 8 napkins per guest, minimum. Any addition paper serviettes can be placed in easily accessible places, such as the bar or buffet table.

When using paper napkins in your restaurant or cafe, you can wrap them around each set of knives and forks, sealed with a dab of water, so each server can grab a set easily to give to your customers with their meal. However, this can be a time-consuming task to prepare, so you may want to delegate it.

Even though it may seem like the bottom of your list of priorities, you don’t want to forget about your napkins, whatever their intended purpose is.

The humble paper napkin is often overlooked but can save a lot of mess and inconvenience, whatever the setting. There are many styles to choose from to cater your every need.

Jeffry Hopkins is the owner of a leading cutlery and crockery company. His hobby is to write articles and blogs on various items of catering industry. In this article he is providing us some valuable information on napkins wholesale.


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