Interview Corner: Eric Mills

1) State your name, age and marital status. My name is Eric Mills. I am 39 years old and I am married 5 years to my beautiful wife Heather.

2) State your education. I graduated from Rahway high school class of 1991 and I have an Associate’s Degree from Union County College in Criminal Justice class of 1997.

3) Do you have any brothers or sisters. I have 2 brothers (Mike and Kevin) and a sister (Monica). Monica and Kevin are in their late 40’s and mike is 2 years older than me. I am the baby of the family.

4) Do you have a son or daughter? I have a son named Christian. He is 15.

5) What is your occupation? I work for the NJDOC (NJ. Dept. of corrections).

6) How did you get your job as a bodybuilder? Do I own my own business? My job with the Dept. of Corrections is my career. bodybuilding is something I do strictly for fun. it’s a lifestyle that has been a part of life for over 20 yrs. It would be cool to do it for a living but unfortunately, I haven’t been that blessed to do so. I still have to go out and earn my keep like everyone else. As for owning my own business, no.

7) How do you advertise for your business? Refer to question #6.

8) What do you recommend for someone who wishes to have a job like yours to do? As far as being a bodybuilder, learn to make this sport a lifestyle for yourself. This means, eating a fairly clean diet, training in the gym 4 to 5 times a week and use all resources available to you (books, videos, muscle camps etc.,) to help you practice the art of bodybuilding.

9) What is your take on the election? Who are you voting for and why? First off, let me say this, aside from Martin Luther King and my parents, President Obama is my hero. Being nominated the first black president in United States history was an extremely proud moment for all people of color. He is the true example of achieving anything you want in life is you are willing to sacrifice and work for what you want. President Obama is a huge inspiration to me. As for who I would vote for, well…. why would I vote for someone who doesn’t even consider me middle class? I think President Obama is doing an awesome job as commander in chief.

10) What is your favorite memory from the year 2012? I have two favorite memories. One is watching my son play basketball for his high school freshman team and the other would be winning my weight class at a bodybuilding natural pro qualifier.

11) What are your hobbies? Traveling with my wife, bodybuilding, spending time with my son and sports.

12) Do you like to read? I read a lot of books related to fitness and sports.

13) What is your favorite movie from 2012? Sorry, I haven’t really been to the movies at all this past yr. What would you like to say to your mother and father about the son that raised and why? Thank you for all that you have given me growing up. You gave me life and through their work ethic, I model my life as a father, husband and bodybuilder. Kids really do learn from their parents by simply watching them. Mom and Dad, I love you!




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