Here is an interesting article for some of you who like the Nook and Kindle. http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-ebook-usage-20121023,0,6900929.story

Speaking as someone who now has both one the Nook I have the actual reader and the Kindle I have the free PC version from Amazon-I can give you a readers view of both. I like my Nook. It enabled me to get free novels when I couldn’t afford to pay for one. And it allows me to make free use of the new editions and allows me to sample a book that I wish to have. And the problem is that I cannot always use with the internet to shop for new books. The reading experience isn’t bad. I have all pages, with minimal errors, I can bookmark any page I like and can return to it once I turn off the machine. However, I don’t like the highlight function. It takes too long and it is kind of cumbersome. However on the PC version-which I haven’t used that much, it is a good fit. But you don’t always sync your Nook and your PC. I don’t like that. I believe the two should sync so that where you stop on your Nook, it stops on your computer version as well. It only did for one of the books I read. The other thing I don’t like on the Nook is that I can’t navigate any webpages but it truly is for reading a book that is collated as a novel as oppose to a webpage. You may be able to read webpages on your PC version but I don’t know as I haven’t tried to yet.

As for the Kindle PC version- this is a preview of sorts as I haven’t read an entire book in it yet. However, I like the Kindle for reading as it allows you to change the color of your pages so to allow your eyes an easier reading experience and lesson the glare. Different from the Nook. Mine is actually kind of manilla color not so bright and not so white. I recently obtained my first free novel courtesy of a Facebook friend thank you so much and it downloaded very easily. And the invoice shows up in my email with the very happy look of $0.00- so lovelerly. So I have read a sample short two pages didn’t like that at all. At least in the Nook you get a chapter. But you don’t get a chapter it seems in the Kindle. Not sure I like that fact.

Use why they both serve the same purpose. And the prices may be similar. You can choose which one you like and which one you don’t. For me it was a good fit because I have a lot of Facebook friends that use Kindle to disseminate their novels and sell them. I am including a picture of my Nook and the PC version of the Kindle. (PC version is free.)


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