Language on a Job Application

You know how we all job hunt and we look at some of the questions and wonder what if? Here are a copy of some questions from a Marriott  application that I had half filled out.  And then completed.  I want you to look at the language and then I want you to think how you would answer them and I will give you a scenario for each about how your interview may or may not go.

For drug tests:  All prospective employees may be given a pre-employment drug test.  Employment is conditioned upon a negative result.  Applicants who refuse to be tested or have a confirmed positive drug test will not be hired and will be ineligible to re-apply for a period of six months.  Are you willing to take a pre-employment drug test?

SCENARIOYou say that you have a problem with taking the drug test not because you were on medication from your doctor but because you felt it was an invasion of your privacy.  And that there should be or are laws against that.   You may not get the job interview.  And you may get blackballed.  

2nd- You say you have a problem with your drug test because you are on medication from your doctor and that it shows up as a controlled dangerous substance because you take marijuana for cancer.  Then you will have to bring your prescription from your doctor with you to the job interview or drug site maybe. Personally, I think that is a good idea to do.

Do you have reliable transportation to and from work?  Most people will say I have reliable transporation even if they don’t.  Because they need a job.  Here is the way it could go if you responded the other way that you don’t have reliable transportation in the interview.

SCENARIO:  I don’t have a car because I have to purchase one.  But I do have access to public transportation.  Is that a problem?  The interviewer:  Well frankly yes it is.  We aren’t on the path of public transporation. How do you plan to get to the job from where the public transport lets you off especially in winters and holidays when it might not be working?   Your answer:  I will not be late and I will always be to work. With that response you may get the job. But its dicey.

These are just two of the possible answers you could give to the questions.  Please be advised I got these off of an actual Marriot Application for a position.  And I was wondering for those who actually don’t pay attention and say yes that they do drugs and yes they don’t have reliable transportation; how do they think they are going to get that job?  For those who don’t how do they think they are going to get a job?

I have been unemployed and I have to tell you that I don’t like it. I like being self suffiencient and that to me means being able to pay my own bills,  and be able to pay my half of the rent as well as one day all of my rent.   And when I can’t do that, I am unhappy and broke.

On the upside, I have found ways to make a little petty cash while unemployed.  I can temp, freelance write, babysit, and maybe type for you.  It will all help.

So trying to keep your head up and trying to keep yourself positive is a big help and recruiters can see that.  But also, it helps that you can show that you are busy while you were not working.

What I have thought of doing now, which is why I like is showing the persons that I am job hunting with that I am job hunting. Show them that I have sent out resumes and that I have sent out how many.  This is also a request of unemployment when you use them for job hunting.  I have only had this the last time but I didn’t have to in the end. I got a position with someone.   But is this a fair practice?  You have to be the judge of that.

I think we should all job hunt and complain but not too too bad you know.


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