Interview Corner: Teresa Morrow

 Hi Fellow Readers.  I am hosting today on her virtual book tour Teresa Morrow.  Please give her a warm welcome on Teresa’s Simplicity in Words. First off, she will speak in her own words in an interview and then it will be followed by a book review of her novel.

What is your full name?  Teresa Annlouise Morrow

How long have you been writing? On and off for years. But my declaration
of being a writer has been within the last year.

When did you first decide that you wanted to be a writer. I have wanted to
be a writer for many years–since high school but didn’t follow my true
life purpose until about a year ago.

Do you have to do any research for your novels other than re-examine your
life as you know it particularly for this book?  I didn’t do any research
for Life Lessons from the Heart (my 1st nonfiction book) or my 1st novel,
It All Comes Back to Love, coming out in late 2012/early 2013 as it is
inspired by true events. My next novel (tentatively titled The world is
yours Oyster)I have had to be a bit of research on because it is about
foster care.

4.  When you write your stories do you follow a timeline, an outline or
do you free write?   When I started I just wrote freestyle but I recently
read  in “The Constant Art of Writing” a possible way of outlining and
editing that once I began to use it, it works for me.
And which method do you choose to use or do use regularly? I started not
doing an outline but I have had to go back with “It All Comes Back to
Love” and do an outline and many rewrites as it helped me develop the
story line better. Moving forward to my 2nd novel, “The World is Yours
Oyster” I will be doing an outline from the start.

5.  Multipart Question:  Who are some of your
favorite authors?
And why? Louise Hay, Gary Zukav – love how they write where I felt they are
talking straight to me. Janet Evanovich – when I read her she makes me
laugh. I love the subtle humor in her books. Ed McBain  – wonderful scenes
and makes me get invested/involved as the reader.

Do any of the authors that you have chosen have similar
circumstances to you?  I don’t believe so. I would say the closest may be
Louise Hay as a women trying to help others by inspiring them to be the
best they can be.

6.  When you read their novels, do you find yourself reading as
an author or as a consumer?  Mostly a consumer/reader. But I will say, that
since I have dived into my writing journey, I have found I find little
tips to make my writing better.

7.   Multiple question in one:  What do you think of the
current market for publishing?  I think it brings the opportunity to more
writers to get their work out to the world.
I have talked to and read a lot of authors are doing
self publishing as much if not more than going to publishing houses.  A
lot of the persons I have seen that are new are going to self publishing
because they can get published with little or no cost.  The cost of basic
copyright is a little much as well.  So do you think that is because it is
hard to get someone to read your novel?  I think authors are looking to go
the route of self publishing because they can have more control of their
work. Self publishing allows the author to have their work out quicker.
With the on slot of social media, authors are their own best publicist to
get the word out about their book. And with the realm of self publishing
houses such as Lightning Source and Create Space the distribution is fair
to that of a publishing house.

8.  Follow up:  Is this your first virtual book tour and how do you like it?
It is my first virtual book tour as an author. However, I have been the
manager of many a virtual book tour as I used to do this work for authors
before I decided to devote more time to my own writing. 


Book Review of Life Lessons of the Heart by Teresa Morrow

Book Blurb:  taken from the poem Outside the Box-“ Never felt like I belong,  in the box, there I was four sides, a bottom and a top, confined and hidden,  I began to wonder , what was outside the box like?”

Buy Link:

Rating:  5 Bookmarks


Review by Nicole:

I absolutely loved this book, but you are talking to someone who likes self help, self discovery, self understanding, how to novels, inspirational novels and novels that show a great big obstacle overcome. So it just goes to show that I would like this novel.  So as I summarize I will discuss because I think that works best with novels such as these.  She has a total of twelve chapters for 48 pages, yes a short novel, but packs a wallop.  So as you are listening ladies loves and gentlemen wanderers as I bring to you my book review.

The set up of the novel is the chapter title, a quote from her, the interior chapter and a poem written by her.  Twelve chapters in all.  I just want to discuss the book in general first.  She is a mother of a daughter, who married a man not liked by her father, that showed her what family was like.  The two lived together with her daughter and she saw him through his biggest fight yet.   It reads like any inspirational novel that wishes to share with you a little knowledge of what she has dealt with in her life.  I am just going to pull out a couple of chapters to go over with you but you my friends have to read the book.

In Chapter 3 called Lesson:  Release Control her quote is:  “You may not always be in control of what happens next, but you can control how you take each moment of your life.” ~ Teresa Morrow.  This I think is a very important part of her story because it shows how she learned to take the obstacles that life through at her such as being divorced at 27, and then living alone with a toddler to raise. She could have just chucked it all in but she didn’t.  She survived and met a man that she fell in love with and later married despite the race barrier.

In Chapter 5 Lesson:  Help is Not a Bad Word her quote is: Help is not a bad four letter word. By asking & accepting help, you allow yourself to become renewed, reenergized and refreshed.”~ Teresa Morrow.  She talks to you of how she allowed herself to accept help from others and to also ask for help as well.  Think of it as a therapeutic endeavor to help you through a tough time.  Therapy is not necessarily a bad thing.  It is a good thing if you can utilize it wisely and learn from it.

In Chapter 8 Lesson: Get Past Your Past her quote is:  “When you hold onto and claim the mistakes or experiences of your past, you allow it to affect your present and your future.” ~ Teresa Morrow This is exactly what your therapist might tell you when you go see him or her. This is most definitely what your girlfriends will tell you about your past relationships with men.  But what makes her chapter a stand out chapter is that she shows that her past didn’t dictate her future.

All in all I think it was an excellent book.  I have written about having my own AHA! moment when I had gone through  a tough time after September 11, 2001, after having lost my job and after having a tough time with realizing where I should be or should have been in a friendship, romantic relationship and family relationship.  She has also gone through the same things that I have. For me to read this and to see how far she has come, it is a good thing.  Now for those who are saying it’s just like any other inspirational novel you can pick up at the library or the store.  Yes, you could say that but you could read it and see the differences. She lets you into her life but not like a television show, but like a trip through the looking glass so you can visualize it yourself.   I did have some problems with it but those were mostly because I wish it was a little more detailed.

I really believe that you will enjoy it.

I received this book directly from the author and did not pay any money nor expect to receive any money from the writing of this book review.  You can see it on the blog and also on, as well.


3 thoughts on “Interview Corner: Teresa Morrow

  1. Lena Sledge's Blog says:

    Great interview and review. I especially liked what Ms. Morrow said about asking for help in Chapter 5. I think reaching out takes courage and anytime you get an opportunity to exhibit courage it strengthens your tenacity in times of adversity whether you get a yes or a no. You’ll either get the help or have to figure out a way to make your situation change in the direction you want. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

    • teribelle says:

      @ Lena Sledge, I likedthe book too. It spoke of what I had gone through a couple of years back and how I had to get through my issues and still how I get through my issues. And I liked her quotes at the beginning of each novel. I think the book will be helpful to those who need it.

  2. Ivory Moseley says:

    Very good interview and very good review-I wish Ms Morrow much success with her writing and was pleased that someone else enjoys Ed McBain’s writing 🙂
    @ Nicole-i’m glad you mentioned Chpater 5 of her book-Help is not a bad word

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