Interview Corner: Marte King

1.  What is your full name, date of birth and current place of residency. (state is okay).
Marte’ Kenyatta King, 10-20-70, Atlantic city nj
2.  What is your current marital status. Do you have any children.
Married two sons from previous. Relationship
3.  When I spoke with you you had just published a novel and were selling it.  How is that novel doing?  What is its name- Fruition?  Did you do a book tour?
I have two books now Fruition& One Mann Team. They are both doing well and are widely received. No I haven’t done a book tour but I intend to. Maybe you can help.
3a.  What is your book about? 
 Fruition is book of redemption & overcoming obstacles. It’s a memoir that is based on a journal I kept while I was a hospice volunteer for men dying in prison. It’s a page turner thats inspirational, thought provoking & funny. A must read.
4.  I checked out your website. I like the look of your website.  Do you do it on your own?
5.  I see you have two other books one due out soon.  What are their names?
A Dandelion in the Sidewalk & Concert Rose.
6.  What is your writing process?  Do you get your ideas from what happens around you?
7. I see you also lecture.  What do you lecture about?  Who contacts you mainly? Overcoming obstacles, mainly but not limited to at-risk youth and ex-offenders.
8.  What do you charge for your lectures?
Varies on the institution and it’s budget
9.  The current politicatal situation- what do you think of the two candidates that have come out in the forefront?
I want Obama to win (but I know that whomever is president is merely a face for the corporations that control this country.)
10.  Who would you vote for and why?
Obama because his policies appear more apathetic to the masses. Oh, and how cool is he!!!
11.  Do you think that anyone wanting to complete a book review can obtain a copy to do so and where would they go to?
12.  Last question- what is your next project after Concrete Rose and when do you think it will be out?
For personal reasons it hasn’t come out we are working on them now.

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