Review of BluePrint Magazine Issue 1 Sept-Nov 2011

Hello guys. I found this magazine at a church recently. So I thought I would take it home and read it. And I found some very good articles in it.  I wanted to share the articles that I liked with you.  First off, this magazine is truly based on God and the Bible.  So even though you read articles about every day events and occurrences it all goes back to scripture.  For those who are trying to get their young folk to come to church this may be a way to get them interested.

The articles have a scripture based on the title; which I think makes it even more interesting.  The first article I liked was “He Said, She Said”  Blueprint 18-19 (2011). Actually it is the reason I picked up the magazine in the first place.  As a former gossiper, a current gossiper, a reformed gossiper and one who is almost like in a 12 step program for gossip, I  read this with an eye towards understanding another way for my desire to SPREAD YOUR BUSINESS.   So it starts out in a classroom setting for highschool most likely.  How people are friends and how they start talking. And then the comment that starts off the gossip.  By the end of the article the young lady gets an apology for what happened and it occurs through scripture.

The second article I liked was “5 Friends You Already Have”. Blueprint 24-27 (2011) This is basically I feel common knowledge to most of us but for some maybe not.  But I always would get upset sometimes because this was my problem.  Maintaining friends and all of that.  But now, I am going towards my own personal problems and this is a review of the magazine itself.  The five friends are:  the insta-friend (able to get when I was younger much warier as I got older); the flattering friend (mostly the opposite sex not really the same sex); mr. mad at the world; everybody’s best friend (sometimes myself and sometimes who I meet) and mr. or miss competitive ( we all show this tendency).  What I loved about this article was the side panel which gave the following advice and Im just going to quote the first line of each paragraph.  They are as follows: be friendly, open up slowly, listen, remember important dates and events, don’t get discouraged, say a good word, laugh, respect a person’s space and keep confidences.  I have highlighted the ones I have been told I have problems with and you may want to do the same in your own review of the magazine if you buy it.

The final article that I believe made this issue worth reading was this:  “How to Be a High-End Teen Diva verses How to Be a Divine Diva” Blueprint  60 (2011).  I think those hints and tips are self explanatory.

I give this magazine for me 4 1/2 stars.  I liked the articles that I read because they spoke to me and my problems.  I also liked the articles and how they were set up because I am always looking for new scriptures to read and/or recite to myself when I am down, disturbed, angry, needing advice and guidance and just looking for reading.  I know most of you if not all of you are like stop trying to be so religous.  Well I am not. I have always been one to like church, just not the shenangigans that may go on in your church just like any other venue you may goto.  So if you like to read and you like self examination, this magazine while entertaining is also a teachers handbook.  Read it if you like. I recommend it and I also suggest you may want a subscription if you can get one.


2 thoughts on “Review of BluePrint Magazine Issue 1 Sept-Nov 2011

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