I am interested in ghostwriting, but  I also want to write on my own.  Currently I have three books that I would like to get out. One that is finished and ready for publication, the other that I have to finish and get ready for publication.  The third I started on the internet but want to get it finished for publication.  But I also want to make money. To that end, I started advertising for ghostwriting.  No takers though ever emailed me.  I had heard often that I was writing for other people but none ever actually emailed me or talked to me about it.  But I did hear it sometimes.  The problem is that I never got paid either.  So you know its a problem.

But ladies and gents, I found a good article that you will just die for.  It is link:  called “Top Articles on Becoming a Professional Ghostwriter.  It has four articles in there that I think you will find very helpful.  And I think you should read them as well. I know that I am going to make them my Bible for right now on ghostwriting along with whatI have heard from other ghostwriters.  And hopefully will have a career start to work better.


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