Events for the Next Three Months

Hey guys- as you know this is a busy next couple of months for me. I have three interviews as I have stated.   And you can find more information on two of the authors on their respective websites.  The first is Robin Waldrop whose novel is called Shadow of the Blood Moon and her web address is:

The second author is Teresa Morrow whose book is called Life Lessons from the Heart book and her web address is:,

They are both on the last week of the month of September please check out their websites.

The first interview will be with Marte King and his website address I believe is already published.

I am also again participating in Susannah contest for romance novelists.  It starts in October I believe.  In November my goal for NaNaMo is to write for the whole month and my goal is about 1000 words to start with. Which for me is two posts for a blog.  I made it that little because my goal last year was too ambitious and it was very hard. But this year I am definitely participating and sticking to it and using it to write my novel.

So hopefully you will get some good posts to see. I am not going to go on a hitaus like last time.  The time is busy but hopefully it will also be good for me.

Please continue to look at Lets Talk Romance for my Thursday post.  Funny, they must all be very busy because I haven’t seen anyone else post actually.  Will check that out and you check that out too.

So here is the end of my post:  keep dreaming, keep writing and keep on living the best way you know how.

Chat ya laterz guyz and galz!


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