The Art of Conversation

I am watching the movie  How to Fall in Love on the Hallmark channel on my cable television in the house.   Do you  know that this movie shows me that this is why I don’t think I would do well with a dating coach.  First off, you have to tell them things that you may not be comfortable in telling a stranger.  I mean, you can do the speed dating, networking and its all the same thing.  But after a couple of drinks its okay to talk.  So I share more later.

I have read all of the books I know of about how to communicate.  I have read all of articles in the career, relationship and self help up to date probably on the internet.  But has that really helped me to have the Art of Conversation?  No.

But it has helped me understand my problems with interpersonal relationships with the same sex and the opposite sex.  I have had many problems in the past. I have some of the same problems currently.

I like to think of myself as a generally nice, quiet individual.  I have a desire to read in a quiet corner, talk to my friends  and live with my family.  But I had to learn how to communicate better particularly in public and party situations.  I told you before about the ice breakers.  There is an article in She Knows  entitled which is good.  Also on google is,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=8a61383b69ca6232&biw=1024&bih=404&pf=p&pdl=300

But another good trick to making yourself comfortable is finding a topic you know a lot about and sticking to it.

Speaking of conversation-what should you have a talk with your landlord future or current about Renter’s Insurance?  Yes you should based on this article.

Not sure why the link did that but its good.  We had a  flood from upstairs-the neighbors had a burst pipe in their front hall closet.  Plus we had warped wood too.  If we had it then it definitely would have come in handy.

For the women and men out there always fretting about lipstick stains here is an article for you:

So maybe some of these will help your conversation get started and maybe some of it will just give you ideas on what not to talk about.  Hope you start a conversation.


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