Finally Here!

So its middle of August and another post of what I find interesting and maybe you find interesting. You might even try some of the suggestions.

First I found in my sojourn of surfing the internet at my temporary position a new online magazine. Its called the Daily Muse. And the webste address is: I also found some interesting articles on the website. The first of which is

On Shine Magazine in yahoo I found out that schools for the coming school year of 2012-2013 are banning a lot of things that we might find normal. Check out their article:

Through my Google News I found a new magazine through the UK publicity on the website. It is called

I may have more for you later. But for right now this is it. You should peruse your internet to see what you can find you know.

So far so good on my laptop. It had another problem. But tomorrow it is staying home and not walking into the office with me. Why- because I have no internet access and my internet virus program tried to install on my laptop. I use to type my stories and stuff on while I am there. But I can’t if that starts to open. I have to actually sign into their internet access program. And I don’t have their F-code. I don’t believe I could get it either. But I hadn’t asked. And I don’t think that I should either.

I just wait until I get home to use the internet. Not bad as long as I have access.

I also got new books from my temporary job to read. I don’t know that I will actually keep them. I think I may just read them and return them because I have a lot of books at home. But I wanted to share the titles with you. They are as follows: Sister Souljah Midnight- a Gangster Love Story, Chasing Destiny by Eric Jerome Dickey and Allison Hobbs’ Put a Ring on It. I wonder if Allison Hobbs is similar to Erika Kendrick. I will find out though.

So I have an interview for you guys to read. I met Marte King while I was in Atlantic City over a year ago. I had gone with some people and he was selling his books on the side of the road. Chceck back in the end of the month- to see and read his interview.

Also I am drumming up hopefully some sale interest. By the end of next month I am hoping to have on Smashwords my first novel of poetry. I was recently published in an anthology of poetry. You can purchase that book at Barnes and Noble or Amazon I believe. The name of the book is Stars in Our Hearts. I am going to check it out at the store hopefully this weekend. I am unable to buy right now but I am hoping to do that.

So guys- I am published. And I hope to bring you my poetry. And I am hoping to bring you my mysteries.

Chat ya laterz gals and guyz.


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