Hey guys. Hope your end of the school year blitz is coming to a close. Graduates are getting their diplomas; students who are going to summer school are getting their information; parents are getting toddlers and younger kids ready for summer camp; young adults, college bound and adult children are getting ready for work and vacation. Well I am actually doing none of that right now.

Currently I am writing book reviews and getting some payment for some. The payment is in the form of cash and also in the form of gift cards. Also I am still in the freelance website. Haven’t taken an assignment because I haven’t seen anything that I liked but hoping that will change. Adding a website hopefully soon to the freelance repertoire.

Still working on the full time job. I have hope and then I get the sad feeling that it won’t happen. But you will see and I will see as time goes on.

In the personal- the television has some new shows I like to watch. I have heard the new season for the summer might be good. Some returning shows as well.

So hoping you have a good summer.

Oh and FAUX PAS: if someone asks you to do something you do it right? So I do it, but I complain. nix the complaining and they will do it and not tell you nevermind. Tip for the day.

Have a happy and safe summer guys.


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