I am happy to introduce to you another interview being hosted on this blog. I had talked to Melissa Melbourne the owner of Sense of Style Boutique located at 15 East Price Street, Linden, New Jersey. Their web address is: and she also has a facebook page and that address is: And also if you have a twitter account or would like to start one you may also follow her at @senseofstylebou.

To give you a visual of the store, it is a little boutique style shop near the corner of Price Street. In discreet lettering on the front is the name Sense of Style. And in the windows you see five mannequins all dressed in her dresses for sale. Some of them may be big ticket items but all are what someone will buy. As you walk through the door there is a welcome mat. And further into the store on either side are displays. On one side you have a display of glass cases that show jewelry, purses and what appears to be candles. And on the other side are the racks with some mannequins attached to the wall. There are two dressing rooms in the back. And the register is on the other side to the left. Up the stairs is the back for the employees.

Working with Ms Melissa Melbourne is McGreta. She is her only other employee. The store has been in existence for less than one year. And appears to be doing well. So without further ado: Please give a round of applause for Ms. Melissa Melbourne’s interview.

(TSIW) In your own words, please describe Sense of Style.

(MM) Sense of Style Boutique is a chic contemporary modern yet affordable boutique located in the downtown area of Linden. We specialize in all things fabulous from dresses to shorts to tops to plus size dresses. everything and all things that are fabulous. We also carry accessories handbags and earrings and things of that nature we are all things fashion.

(TSIW) Are you planning on hiring any more employees or just the two of you? Would you consider hiring people?

(MM) Its just the two of us; I will hire more people when we become more acclimated with our customers. It’s not feasible for us to hire anyone else at this present time.

(TSIW) What was the hardest part in setting up the store for you?

(MM) I didn’t have any challenges except for maintaining the store and its clientele and its merchandise. This store is my vision; God gave it to me and its just to be done.

(TSIW) When a customer comes into your store and you look at them how do you size them up?

(MM) I size the customers up after we have spoken and I have introduced myself. I welcome them and ask the customers what they are looking for and if there is anything that I or my co-worker can assist them with in their shopping experience. I may ask them what’s the best asset they like to show and go from there.

(TSIW) Have you had any really difficult customers come in here? They all go out happy?

(MM) No difficult customers and they all go out happy but if they have a problem we work it out.

(TSIW) Do you see yourself more as a personal shopper? Is that the type of your shopping experience?

(MM) Yes we cater to each of our customers. I am very in tune with the customers. And I will try and get it from somewhere else or refer you somewhere else to get the product.

(TSIW) Someone referred someone to you from Lord and Taylor- and called you up and asked if you could set aside something for them there? You would check your stock and could you hold it for them?

(MM) Yes I would hold the item for them.

(TSIW) When you have a really bad work day and the customer comes in that’s difficult, how do you handle it?

(MM) I still serve them with a smile. I keep my work separate from the customers who come in here. When I get here I’m at a happy place and my day job ends at 5:30 p.m.

(TSIW) Did you go to school for this? What did you go to school for?

(MM) I went to school for (3) degrees. I have one from Middlesex Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and a Bachelors in Socialogy and Masters in Business Administration from Kean. I have always liked different textures always fashionable.

(TSIW) In terms of 1- to 15 years down the road and someone says to you that you have the store and someone says to you do you have everything that you wanted when you look at what you have?

(MM) I think I would by then have everything thing that I wanted but most importantly I would want to have a better relationship with God; a better serenity and a better walk with God. That’s it.



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