LIVE AND LET FLY VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR WITH KARINA FABIAN This is the buy link for her novel. Please use.

Also note that I am hosting a CONTEST, yes a CONTEST for you to win a copy of her book. Details to follow. Sorry to late for the contest but you can still obtain the book through the buy link.

Here is the book review for Karina Fabian’s novel



In an amazing cast of characters this story develops and moves quickly. Powers that normal people would not have, appear in this novel. Some feng shui might appear too. The use of the earth and its natural resources as well. One of my favorite parts are:

Thursday was uneventful, but stressful in its own

way. With a hot shower, two lattes and some eye drops, Joshua was

able to fake his way through work. Dr. Malachai made such a big

deal of Joshua’s “miracle work” that nearly everyone focused on him

and didn’t bother to wonder how Mr. McDougal was able to fool

such an experienced and observant psychiatrist when an intern had

noticed, and one nurse had written in the logs, “Not sure McDougal’s

medication is working. Might want to monitor him closely this pm

and let Dr. Malachai know of unusual behavior.” Sachiko, he heard,

was mad at herself for daydreaming when she should have been

paying attention to the logs. He wondered if she was mad at him, too.

Edith asked Joshua to spend time with Ydrel, to make sure

he was all right. So far, he’d rebuffed most offers of sympathy,

although he did talk briefly with the rabbi, who had visited early

that morning. He seemed to be handling things well, but Edith

decided some alone time in a safe environment with Josh would

give Ydrel the security to confront his feelings of grief. So they

absconded with a waffle iron and ingredients from the kitchen

and took over the nurse’s lounge for an hour. They talked about

Isaac and death for a few minutes, in deference to her request, but

Ydrel really wanted to talk about his newfound sources of energy.

After assuring himself that Ydrel was indeed handling things well,

Mind Over Mind


Joshua told him what he knew about ley lines and magic and

ESP, most of which came from a lifelong habit of reading science

fiction and fantasy. “I’m sure there are non-fiction books out there

that treat the subject with more objectivity,” Joshua said as he put

a couple of the warm waffles on his plate. “Why don’t you get the

librarian to do a search for you?”

Ydrel laughed derisively as he sat down and thoughtlessly

smeared syrup over his waffles, then handed the bottle to his

friend. “Yeah, and get it put in my record: ‘sudden interest in the

occult after witnessing death of fellow patient.’”

I give this novel 4 bookmarks. I recommend this to anyone who wants to read and likes fantasy novels. It also has something for automobile/motorcycle buffs as well. Psst!- its also good for beach reading this summer.



    • teribelle says:

      Hey- sorry about that. Yes I liked it. I learned about a new motorcycle, I saw some names that I hadn’t thought of and I got to see how some of the story played out. Plus I liked the set up of the story in the chapters. I was like rooting for one thing and then I changed my mind.

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