Book Corner: Book Review of What I Know Now About Success: Letters from Extraordinary Women to Their Younger Selves Edited byEllyn Spragins

Please note that I had bought this book with the use of my own funds from Barnes and Noble bookstore in Clark, NJ located off of the Garden State Parkway. I am receiving no compensation and/or other gift for this book review.

I give this book 5 stars. Why? I like how they each tell a biography about themselves. And they tell themselves either at an earlier age prior to their success or in the midst of their success what they did right and to not NOT do it.

This book I believe is a must read for women of all ages. I think I will get the first one as well- the prequel to this book. What I like is how its set up. You meet each women individually and learn about their current job situation,personal situation or if there is an illness of some kind that makes their life short. And she then writes a letter to herself at a younger age telling her younger self what she knows now. These are the pitfalls I would look out for. This is how I would approach this situation. I would not want you to forget that hard work pays off and other little pieces of advice.

What like about this book is that it’s just like all the other advice groups you have, and all of the other jam sessions you have with other women giving you advice. As I have gotten older I do have my own little pieces that matter to me-for instance, I don’t want to discuss my dating life with some people mostly because I don’t date. You know what I do- I go out with my friends. My boyfriend is aware of what I do and he lets me know if he likes it or not. That is, if I have a boyfriend. But my friends of longstanding time will get told. Work wise my friends get told pretty much everything unless its personal. That I think you have to judge and as I have learned- you never know who works with who you know.

My favorite part in this story is this:

from Liz Lange it says: “Looking back at you, at twenty-nine, I’m amazed. I’m so different now-OK, we’re so different now. You should go ahead and start your company now. Later on you’ll hear a lot of stuff about entrepreneurial instincts and risk-taking, but, honestly, that’s not the important part of why you should do it. For growing your company will be a fabulous of growing yourself as a person.” 69


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