My Personal Bible

No I don’t mean the Bible you read in a church- I mean that book that you read that hits all of your problem areas and you can always check back with to find an answer to your problem. I have several. But this one I believe I have quoted from before. The title of this book is:

    What’s Really Holding You Back?

by Valorie Burton published by Waterbrook Press. Here is a copy of the book cover for you:

There are two chapters in the book that I wanted to mention. The first is a little later on in the book. This chapter called Are You Always Running Behind? Regain Control of Your Schedule on p 134+. In it she says on p 137, ” Take an honest look at how you have organized your time, then rearrange things as necessary so that any mistakes, delays, and other suprises won’t throw you seriously off course.”

For me this means that I had to take stock of my situation and my life both personal and professional; and list my life so to speak. I had to list my work day (if working); and my personal schedule (both home and date, nightlife etc.) And then I had to decide how I wanted to be treated by other people and how much I would let their opinion effect my future. This goes in connection with this next piece of advice, found on p 138. “Develop the systems you need to stay organized and to plan ahead.”

These actions will help you develop a more authentic relaxed and healthy life that is lived in truth that we’ve aimed for in life.

The second chapter is in front of that chapter and its entitled, ” Have You Given Away Your Power? Accept Responsibility for Your Choices p 92+. On p93 it states, “Some of the things that keep us from moving toward our vision can be compared to unruly children whom we’ve allowed to rule our lives. We’ve convinced ourselves that whatever is holding us back is beyond our control, when in truth we’ve simply relinquished our power, allowing situations, fears, people, misconceptions, or painful emotions to take contro; of our choices.” p94 “It’s time to recognize that whatever is holding you back has your permission to do so.”

For me this meant that my surroundings and my situations were controlled by other outside forces that were impinged by my own personal feelings at the time.

She goes on further to say: “Fear needs your permission to control your actions. Anger needs permission to be translated into words or actions. A pity party needs permission to pitch a tent in your mind.” p94

I would give examples but that is pretty self explanatory.

In order to help with the problem you need not give permission to that which causes your fear. Schedule yourself so to speak. Take out time to go to therapy, say affirmations, do something that gives you pleasure no matter what anyone else says. Just do it for you. Take time out for you.

In the words of Nance Dicciani, found in Ellyn Spragins 

    What I Know Now About Success

in her letter to her at 13 or 14 years of age and I quote an excerpt says, ” The greatest boundaries that we face in our lives are very often the ones we ourselves create in our minds. The boundaries of our achievvement are primarily self-imposed. Don’t be self-limiting.” “Never let anyone else set boundaries on what you can do, on what you can achieve. That is your responsibility.” p47.


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