Book Review: The Conversation by Hill Harper

I bought this book with my own money and am recieving no compensation and/or gift for writing this review.

    Book Review

I like this book. I could love this book. Why? Because it is a good starting point for a conversation about relationships. Specifically the author Hill Harper calls this book for him a book that” details a far more personal journey than I [have] written about before in the past.” p 1. So as I said, a good starting point.
The guys and gals in here are honest about their perceptions about the male/female game played by people who like honesty in relations and dislike dishonesty in relations. As I read the book some of the chapters caught my eye, so I will point them out in my summary and review.

The Conversation in this chapter is “What Brothers Want.” And the beginning quote is from Reverend Run which states, ” The biggest challenge would be communication. You just have to be able to compromise with your wife as far as I am concerned. If she has a deep desire to do something. You may want to give in to that. My motto is “Happy wife, happy life.” It discusses the issue of commitment, the issue of trying to change your man, sex games, confidence and knowledge of self.
FOR THOSE IN THE KNOW: Knowledge of self is an acknowledgement of even your failings and dealing with reality.

Another chapter in the conversation was “Checking Baggage, the Lightness of Being.” Eva Kingsford quote says, “Almost everyone today who has experienced a failed relationship is carrying around some degree of emotional baggage. The problem with these leftover feelings is that they are usually negative in nature, causing fears and doubts that carry over into future relationships. It is time for all of us to recognize our baggage and check it-in order for us to succeed in our relationship.” But can we? The book takes us through a personal anecdote about her friend Cheryl and her friend Jasmine, who is having their own problems.

One of my favorite chapters in the conversation and not just because the play on words is “Commit-Men-t”, What do most couples fear? Commitment, being held accountable for/to one person for a long term or for life, even the short term. The discussion as it were would be-how do men and women handle it? What do you perceive as our problems? The chapter best sums it up in Hill Harper’s questions to the men in the group. Found on page 114 in Men Speak II:
“Fellas, what do you think makes a man commit to one woman but not another?
What do you think we look for in deciding whether to commit or not?
What are some things that get on your last nerves when you are dating or in a serious relationship with a women?”

Another chapter called, “Anger, Forgiveness and Learning to Let Go, ” is a good one. It is self explanatory for me though. And the reason is because in any relationship be it platonic friendship or pre-marital/dating or marital dating sexual relationship we have to move past the anger we feel based on an argument to forgiveness and then learn based on that situation for the future. I think it is self explanatory.

And the Conversation Party ends the book. So fellas, ladies, unsure, start your own Conversation Party.

    My Impression

I liked the book mostly because I love to talk. And if you read this book, I think all the conversations that you have about relationships are in this book. So I think everyone should READ this book. you will enjoy.

I give this book 5 stars. *****


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