Book Clubs

For those who have tried book clubs and not liked them, here are a couple of reasons why as well as things you should not say. For me I have been to a couple and haven’t liked them. The one that I liked the most was probably in Hoboken, although I was very ill-prepared the first time I went. It was in a church on Washington Street located in Hoboken, NJ I think but don’t quote me. Because if I am not mistaken it was all the way down the street. As you walk into the church the group has a long table set up in the back for their meeting. Water may be provided.

They provide a photocopy of what they are reading and you can follow along. I know I have spoken of this before but I mention again because despite this being a good book club they did some of what is on this list. Yet it didn’t detract from this experience.

The online book clubs appear to flourish and I joined Girlfriendology for that reason. I have to make the effort to make the meetings and get the book. That is my goal this summer. I have to get my password and use it. Note to self-I have too many. But hey-that is why I started re-using passwords. It’s a no-no for security but it helps my memory.

I liked listening to Oprah Winfrey’s book club on television and reading some of the commentary on the website. So shameless plug I have an online book/writing club called Writing Pals. You can look up via search engine Google (, however I will also give you the link. It may not work. (!/cid-00096a3813ca866f/) Please stop by. I have neglected it but I am hoping to start it up in earnest. If you could and would stop by I would appreciate it.

For those in the know: this guy keeps asking a question that doesn’t make people happy. And the people involved aren’t getting better. Do you think that he would actually sit down and discuss what he cannot do with some people instead of just driving by? That’s the question of the week.


One thought on “Book Clubs

  1. teribelle says:

    BTW-SheKnows has a book club as well. Look at Meetup online as well. And if you know of any other book clubs that you think will be of interest please leave a comment. Thanks.

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