Your Name Here: Book Tour or Virtual Book Tour 2012

I am reading up on the conferences given by various groups for the year. And I came upon this article that I thought might be helpful to you. It is helpful to me.

The link for the article is:

In it the article says that if you have compiled a list of persons to email about your upcoming tour then you should utilize them. I think that its an avenue that you should use. And when you use it, try and make the best use of it as possible. Try and make physical phone contact. And also try the skype contact as well. If you can,and they want to actually meet you then I suggest try and call up the author of the tour and also try and call the owner of the website you may be using if it isn’t yours. All of this will make a difference in how you are doing and seen by the world that you are entering with your career and your hopes and your dreams.

Another article which is good- I am looking at it as kind of a bible for the first time author to follow is this:
And the one I like is that she says it takes a solid year of pre-planning to launch a book. So remember all the times I may have said something about my book of poetry and then I didn’t mention it. That was my form of public relations. My problem has always been that others have tried to take what I have written as them having written it themselves. And that is what makes me mad. My paranoia is such that I get really stressed out and I had actually called up the sister who is/was an entertainment attorney. And she says once its written its considered copyrighted by me and I register it with the government to protect my rights. So my paranoia is paranoia but it does gain the upper hand with me.

I have actually talked up my book of poetry. I have read it to other persons as well. And I am looking to do a video blog with one of the poetry as an introduction to a book club review that I had done. But as usual I have problems with my camera on my netbook. Always something wrong right.

So I have a growing list of contacts that I have networked with through facebook. twitter, linkedin, my email, chat rooms and other events, that I can contact about the book coming out hopefully. Trying not to alienate people is not a hard thing to do but it is hard when they mention someone that you may work with or be working with and you don’t know who they are. Plus its worse if they pull the lawyer card. So be careful guys. Not that they are trying to steal your joy but they are trying to maybe discourage you or trying to take your work and make money off of it themselves.

So I have talked up the book.
I have sent out emails off and on but none recently and none mass emails.
I have also looked into where the book will be published for their advertising.

So its a good start you know. I am hoping that you the reader will buy my novel. Shameless Plug: Buy My First Book of Poetry and You the Reader Will Always Have a Reason to Be Who You Are. Which to me means that I did my job if you can see yourself in my writing as the person its talking about. And if you can’t and just enjoy it then I still did my job. That was to entertain you in some form and give your mind food for thought.

And the last article that I think you will like and I found interesting is:

All of these I am hoping will make me have a better virtual book tour. And then maybe I will have a real live in person book tour.

Some more information for you as well as I is:

which is a joint video given by Pam Perry and an associate regarding the mistakes you may and will make as a new writer or entrepreneur about to sell your novel or product.


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