An Article from Black Girls Guide to WeightLoss.


14 thoughts on “An Article from Black Girls Guide to WeightLoss.

  1. teribelle says:

    Hi. I am back with some more information to wet your ears and mind with. Some of you are health conscious to the extreme that your body pays the price in your quest for the perfect curvaceous body. Well it may never happen, so STOP complaining about it. Speaking as one who for the first time got a curvaceous body, I enoyed the hell out of it and I would love to have it back, but it comes with a better diet and a heavier body. What do I want? the body that is curvaceous and not so heavy. But the weight is where the curves come in because it adds fat to my body. Some fat is not bad. As long as you exercise and feel good and healthy you look good. The key is to not stop exercising and to eating right. Keeping that in mind you might want to think about expanding your diet. For instance, if you like fruit drinks, you may want to have smoothies. I used to have smoothies with vitamin packs in Hoboken, NJ when I worked there. I am hoping to be able to get back there for my smoothie because I have yet to find a place around here that does them. But this article gives you the recipes yourself to make them at home. It is on a website called Total Beauty and I think that you guys and gals will enjoy it. I certainly am happy with finding it.

    God Bless and Happy Eating!

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