Food S.O.S.

I got into the habit of eating fresh food in Elizabeth NJ. We would buy fresh meat, and vegetables. We had a home cooked meal at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week. We had cornish hen, shark meat, catfish, salmon, tilapia, chicken, steak, crabmeat; greens, string beans, collard greens, broccoli, broccolini, aspargus, tomatoes, and other vegetables. We had smoothies, juice, some soda, water and milk when it could stay in the house. Most of the times the milk came from outside the house. Go figure. It would spoil in the refrigerator. So if it didnt come with coffee or hot chocolate no milk. Bad huh? Yuppers.

We had ice cream cuz we lived in Hell all the time during the winter. We had fast food, a lot of pizza and chinese food. But we ate most of the week.

We would go out to dinner sometimes and try new food. I dont like sushi but will eat it. And we had filet mignon (steak), pasta and the like. We had drinks and frosties and we exercised with Pilates.

Anyway back to food. Now we eat chicken, steak, hamburgers, crabcake, salmon, croker, and sausage. We eat broccolini, asparagus, string beans, collard greens, cauliflower, carrots and potatoes. We drink milk, juice and soda. And yet, we still are rather skinny people. Some of us get very sick. But that is just how that is.

The S.O.S is: own my own-with a limited budget how do I eat like that? I have read about the ways to save money but I would like to maintain as healthy and fresh a diet as possible when I am on my own. And I know that a big part of that is finding the right store for you. When I went to the program given by Rosie Batists of the blog Sleeping Naked After 40, one of the women that she works with was telling us a story about daily job. What she would do is go about her work and then when she thought about it she would order groceries to be delivered to her house. Now for those who use such a service it can be a life saver. And they will schedule your deliveries for you. The problem is that you will pay for such a service. However, it will enable you to get your groceries delivered directly to your door. Also for those who choose not to use the service, then you will be going to the grocery stores often to buy what you need.

What I learned to do was bring my cookbook. And buy the ingredients I needed for my dish or dishes while I was there. And I had a dictionary too. Do you know why? I had read in one of the many magazines I was fortunate enough to get about taking a dictionary with you while you are out of your house to look up words. You can also take a food dictionary as well to tell you about the food you are buying, caloric intake and value and other information you may need. Because if you ask at the store it may not help you out.

I am hoping the closer I get to 40 that my diet and eating habits as well as vitamin habits get better. I will be the better off for it.

And I want to stop the complaining because that will help in digestion of food. For example, for those that hear me say I dont want to be around a certain company as an employee- I do mean the job market there isn’t good for me as well as some of the persons. But if I let it, they will bother me and make me sick and its my fault partially because I need to work and not complain.

So fellow readers- I hope you got some information and I hope that my sharing something about my diet will help you in determining your diet desires not necessarily what you want to eat but how you want to fill your plate.


4 thoughts on “Food S.O.S.

  1. teribelle says:

    Hi guys. Surfing through facebook and finding some more articles for you that might help you in deciding how healthy,not healthy, type of diet you want. I didn’t eat meat for two years and nothing but vegetables. When I got back on meat I was sick. Had I done what this article suggests then I may not have been so sick. Check it out and read. I still have to finish reading it. So maybe when we done we can all have a pow-wow about it.

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