Searching for a Job

Hey guys- still searching for some more cash from your job? I did find an article that you may like to read. The article is Watch Out! 10 Interview Questions Designed to Trick You

I think you should pay attention to these questions: No 1., and Nos 6-8.

Hopefully this is a good read and helps you guys out.


4 thoughts on “Searching for a Job

  1. teribelle says:

    I have a Linkedin account that I use for networking as well. A lof the articles that you find there are very helpful. Plus you can research any company that you want provided you know the name and other pertinent information to your job search. This is not to say that I have found job yet but that the search continues. A big part of the search is to not antagonize or otherwise alienate those that may hire you in the fuure. Nor to antagaonize or otherwise alienate those who may be the ones you need to get that job that hires you in the future. Speaking as one who has done the antagonize and alientate its damn hard to find a job in a field when you are new much less when others that have seen you or met you for some reason have that feeling of dislike and alienation. That recommendation may not be forthcoming as to what you are good at doing or capable of doing. Particularly if the field you want to work in for some reason people may deem not good enough because you are not good enough.

    Now I get in my email inbox different articles from this account because I had subscribed to their news articles feed. And one of the articles I got today was the following: “5 Reasons You Need to Meet in Person”.

    Particularly I wanted to just tell you to look at five reasons that she lists and I will list for you but I definitely think you should read the article. They are as follows:

    1. You’re off the record.
    2. Make use of not-so-small talk.
    3. Make an impression.
    4. Read the body language.
    5. Learn where the action is.

    As I am reading the other articles I may post more comments but definitely copy and paste that link into your browswer and read. If you have a Linkedin account, just sign in to the account and look for that title. It is worth the read.

    I know people are like all of the reading you do and yet you still don’t work full time or make enouhg money to support yourself. How do we even read what you write or believe that you are worth their time to read? Well I hope that by reading this article and taking hte time to read this article that you get something out of it. And who knows, maybe from this I may get a job. Preferably me and not someone else anyway.

  2. teribelle says:

    Another website that you might want to look at for job information besides the usual job search engines as Monster and Hotjobs, you may also wish to go to your local headhunter.

    Let me remininsce for you: the only true luck I had with an agency got me the job of a secretary. Although the job didn’t last it showed me that I could obtain a job through an agency. I was lucky enough to get another job and other job offers through another agency but again that didn’t last long. So I believe in using agencies. I am hopeful that the new one I pick will also help me out and get me a job. But a lot goes into that. A lot also depends on my mind set status as well. Plus I truly believe that you need to have a job as well while you look. Because if you are occupied then they look at you a lot differently then when you don’t have one. The question that is then asked is why are you leaving as opposed to why have you been out of a job for so long.

    But I highly suggest that you use Linkedin for research. You would be suprised at who you find. Get recommendatoins from those on the website. And you will do fine. I am hopeful to fully utilize that website after clearing up some things. And then I don’t think you could stop me from getting the job I wanted (hopefully).

  3. teribelle says:

    Hi guys. Back again. I choose to use the comment section to add to the blog entry because the entry has already been published. And I think that you can then see how it all fits in together without me constantly changing and updating the blog entry. So I am a member of CafeMom. Its a blog for yes you guessed it Moms. In this blog people can read articles and chat and converse about what bothers them as mothers, soon to be mothers and foster/adoptive parents. This article is about another website that I am a member of Facebook. Now remember all the hoopla about facebook–about posting about your job or your boss and people getting fired because someone in the office has read it- well now the newest trend it appears is to have you sign into your Facebook account so that they can look at your posts. And this is voluntary of course they aren’t required to do it but shouldn’t this be considered a wrong question to ask. Read: and decide on your own.

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