Neighbor Wanderings

A neighbor’s son from around the corner was visiting their grandmother who happens to live there. He comes here to play video games. These two sitatuons are based upon a conversation I had overheard and his being there; as well as my own thought wanderings.

You say, “You’re not my kid. Because no kid of mine can be disrespectful.”

Situation #1:

The kid is your daughter or son, who is out in public and says to you or the baby’s father, I don’t have to listen to you. You’re not the boss of me.

Situation #2:

The kid is at a neighbor’s house. He or she is having a conversation with someone. During the conversation s/he is disrespectful to the other adult in the house. And says, “I am not your daughter or son. You should be glad, I’m not, because I would never respect you.”

In your handling of these two situations you the parent say, ” You’re being disrespectful and I told you before we left the house, that no kid of mine is going to disrepect another person. I did not raise you that way, so you will act accordingly or you will get beat.”

So is this the way to handle the situation? Would you as a parent handle that?


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