Part II: The Journey Continued

So now I have a book. I have decided to try routes, traditional publishing and self publishing. The self publishing is in the United States and the traditional would be outside of the United States. So I have looked at various companies that offer authors the ability to publish their novels with minimal expense paid by them. But as many as there are there, the question remains is it a good enough novel to get published? In keeping with this conversation, I have found an article that you might like to read about this subject. Please read: Also how is it that some sell more than others and what do you need to look at to help you sell more books. Please read: If you are looking for ways to market yourself, please check out But to avoid some of the pitfalls that befall new authors you may also want to take into account what this article brings to light as well And then set up your plan of attack to sell your novel.
So you don’t want to go the self publishing route- and want to try the publishing company route. Then this article is for you. In it, the author of the article takes you through the process an author goes through when he sends his book proposal either through an agent or without an agent to a publishing house. He gives you tips to watch out for in your endeavor to become published. But most of all he says to me and you the newbie writer, don’t act entitled. Because you aren’t entitled. And I think that is one very important piece of advice. I would like to get published. I would like you the reader and consumer to purchase my writing. I would like you to enjoy it so that you will buy more. You are my buyer. I work to get you to buy my writing. Therefore if you don’t like what I write, or you don’t like my attitude, as I was told by someone, no one will buy what I write. So I am hoping that you will buy what I write and like it.
Also, I had informed you in my facebook that I had found a new magazine online called Flavorwire. Well this is actually a good treasure trove of articles on all things. This article is good for those who like me are finishing their manuscript. It gives some good pointers like stick with the novel you are writing as oppose to working on other novels. I think you should take a look at it.
So keeping in step with the topic this next article is one I found which actually sums it up nicely when it says “If the writer is a novelist, I think the agent clicks through out of curiosity and checks out their blog” which is found in
If you are in the mood for a laugh go to see this Another interesting article can be found that deals with the different typefaces or fonts used in peoples articles found online or I guess in novels. Please read
Today is the second day after the Superbowl win of the NY Giants and the parade is being shown on television. So take some time away from your day if you are able and take a gander.


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