Thoughtful Days

Is your health and your eating habits a concern? Please take a look at this article entitled, : “Is Soy a good product to eat?” Read the following article-educate your mind a little and decide for yourself:
Another interest of mine is writing groups. I have only had luck with one group which actually was a class setting. And let me tell you a better read bunch of working persons I had never seen. They put me to shame on their reading. Even though I have a lot of books here I still couldn’t put a candle to what they read. So keeping that in mind I draw your attention to the webpage Writer Unboxed and the article “Non-Crappy Writing Groups” . I think you will find this an interesting read. And I plug them all the time but I really did get a good start and I do intend to start utilzing their free courses. The place to go is Gotham Online Writing Courses which are also in person.
Here’s a look at PoPSugars take at the red carpet. Here is the link for you to use.: You can also look at UStream and I think you can get links through Twitter.
Also please be advised that I have found some new ways to help me improve my craft of writing. After trying them out I will let you know.

On January 31, 2012 I saw a free webinar given by Mari Smith. And it was for about an hours length after which she did chat via another website. I didn’t participate, I had left to get something to eat and then I went back but they must have not chatted for very long.
So in a nutshell I will give you the webinar points in two sets as she Mari Smith broke it down:
Part I
Point 1- KISS Keep it simple. This will increase your readership because people will pay attention to less words per post if they are interested in what you are saying.
Point 2- Test your own frequency of posts. Her example was posting once every hour as oppose to posting every five to ten minutes. Personally, I will do a lot of posts at the same time. But they also consists of answering or responding to emails and posting to other people’s posts.
Point 3- Focus on engagement. According to her, people respond to only 50% of the posts that you see. My own example is I had a facebook friend that I met I believe through chat and we still talk; we even exchanged telephone numbers although I have yet to actually call her; and we read each others writing and books and try to help support each other. She asked me to help support her posts more because I haven’t been posting. But I do share them. So that is an example of reading the post but not responding to it.
Point 4- Focus on consistent proactive growth. You can do that one of two ways: (a) other marketing channels such as twitter, foursquare, email, blog to publicize and or grow your brand (SEE PREVIOUS BLOG ENTRIES) and (b) physical establishment meaning your actual place of business and publicize through chats with me the owner of the establishment and yes my fan page and blog
Point 5- Brainstorm for new ways to gain viewers and fans.

Part II
Your Daily Action Steps that you should take as the owner/worker of the blog to help grow your fan base and I also add your brand.
Point 1- Check your hidden posts in facebook. You should find that because she says that is a goldmine for you who have businesses running out of your webpage and/or your facebook page. There may be some things that are called spam that are not spam.
Point 2- Response time-no longer than 1 hour. If you have people who work for you have those employees or interns or helpers check out your blog email and responses. You may have requests for products. AS an aside, I actually got a request from someone to look them up if I needed an intern. Early on yet, but she may get looked up if things pick up.
Point 3- Check your metrix (matrix) which performs your daily tasks on your facebook page.

This was a good seminar. I recommend that if you guys get a chance go see it on her web page. Here is a link to her facebook profile page which will then link you to her facebook page. I think she is worth a look up.

I don’t know if you are aware but growing your hair out is not as easy as it seems; whether or not you have a perm or a natural. So this article is a good article to look at in that respect.


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